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The Secrets to Developing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Pretty young girl holding a phone with social media icons in abstract cloud-1Ever since the recruitment process went social, the standards, strategies and practices have changed to adapt with the times. The increased use and accessibility of social media platforms has opened the virtual flood gates for the commercialization of these technologies. As such, businesses have found new ways to interact and promote themselves to their target audience.

Social media is one of the biggest technological advancements of the Information Age. From a recruiting standpoint, it has literally shrunk the world we live in; enabling people to communicate effortlessly with those living in a completely different time zone. Let’s look at a few examples to explore how social media is reinventing the recruiting space.

Social Media Recruiting 

Let’s say you’re updating your status on [fill in the blank social media channel] and you notice an advertisement or hashtag for a job opportunity. Even if you’re not actively hunting, if it’s somewhat relevant to you, you are likely to check it out. If it’s a right fit, what’s stopping you from applying? If not, and you know someone who is searching, you can then choose to share that job with an individual or with your network. Referred to as social sharing, this action doesn’t take a lot of time, costs virtually nothing, and casts a wide net.

However, it is important to note, for this strategy to work, the posting company has to have a strong social brand (learn more about how your Facebook newsfeed works). Without this brand value, many good yet obscure companies might not be able to make the best use of social sharing in terms of candidate profiling and engagement. Ideally, a social media expert, either an internal employee, or an outsourced recruitment provider, should maintain and manage a strong social presence for optimal results.

Top Social Media Recruiting Sites 

That's just one of many examples of how social media is killing traditional recruiting efforts. Suffice it to say, social media has shifted the course of future recruiting trends. Job portals, while still a strong database, have some very friendly competition that go by the names of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to name a few. 


A recent survey conducted over Facebook, concluded that over 50% employers are active on Facebook and believe in having more success in terms of talent quality and diversity when head-hunting on Facebook.


Another professionally used social media platform is LinkedIn, which has reported a sharp rise in its recruitment trends. In its annual Global Trend Report of 2015, it was noted that LinkedIn has become the top platform among recruiters.

However, one of the caveats for employers on LinkedIn is the notion of Employment Branding. LinkedIn reports state that, although companies have been keenly focusing on improving their talent brands on the platform, not many companies are resourcing or even monitoring their progress.


Twitter is a blend of both personal and professional networking. Therefore, it receives the best of both ends speaking in terms of profiling and headhunting. Recruiters can run a background check on their talents and scout out the top potentials that they wish to recruit.

The same can be said for the candidates as well who are looking for quality jobs and placements. Twitter users usually follow their favorite companies or brands that they like to be associated with. In this way, there is a clear, streamlined communication and interaction space established between the recruiters and candidates.

Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

With more and more recruiters taking the social media route for profiling and hiring candidates, it is simply impossible not to acknowledge the benefits that it brings to the table.

Digital exchange of data

Companies agree that their print ads and flier costs have been greatly reduced ever since they took to the social media channels.


Recruiters and brands believe that a lot of running and upkeep costs pertaining to advertising, marketing and hiring have been reduced ever since they switched to the social media channels.

Cast a wider net

Since social media platforms engage people globally, the recruiters and other hiring agencies often are exposed to a large database of potential candidates from the world over.

Faster hiring process

Usually, companies that use the social media platforms for recruitment, engage directly with the users, eliminating many of the traditional recruitment formalities and hurdles, thereby streamlining the process.

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