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Yoh’s Fintech Services is founded on the premise of providing world-class
talent to help the ever-growing number of Fintech product and service
companies out there – like yours!

Today, securing the right talent is critical to meet your growth and investment goals and get your products to market in a timely and efficient manner. For over 20 years, Yoh has been a key provider of high-caliber technical and business talent and Fintech support to companies in the Fintech space, initially supporting large product companies and then migrating our
focus to the disruptive startup market segment. This 20 years of experience provides us with a deep virtual bench of some of the best talent available in the Fintech market. And the industry knowledge we’ve gained allows us to provide resources that are the right fit for your unique needs.

Our team of dedicated recruiters, researchers and consultants focus solely on the Fintech market, always staying ahead of market trends and needs. They come from the industry and bring significant domain expertise in the fast-growing sectors of Payments, Digital Banking and Alternative Lending/ BNPL, WealthTech, Trading, Insuretech and Regtech. Whether you’re a Fintech startup looking to bring a new product to market, or a startup that’s in scale-up and high-growth mode and trying to grab additional market
share, Yoh has your back. Our expert team of Fintech savvy recruiters, consultants and researchers will ensure you have the right resource in place to meet your critical time-to-market objectives. Let the professionals at Yoh Fintech help accelerate your product roadmap and achieve your vision.


Why Yoh's fintech services?

STRONG FINTECH DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE - Over the past 20+ years, Yoh has provided world-class resources and teams to over 200 organizations that range from major Financial Services Institutions to new, disruptive Fintech startups. We bring significant domain experience across Fintech sectors, including Payment, Wealth Management, Trading, Lending, Compliance and more.

FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENT MODELS - Direct Hire, Individual Consultants, Partial Teams or Entire Teams, the Yoh Fintech Services team will work with you to create the right team to get it done, and extend your internal product engineering team to help you accelerate new products and features, and speed to market.

COST-EFFECTIVE - The years of experience and breadth and depth of our reach allows us to be more cost effective than generic consulting and staffing firms. With more experience and resources than other vendors, Yoh Fintech Services is the perfect fit for your organization.



• Global Payments • Digital/Open Banking • Lending/BNPL • Blockchain • WealthTech/Trading • CryptoCurrencies • Digital Asset Management • InvestTech • InsurTech • RegTech

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