Talent on-demand. Tap into our network of technology professionals for long- or short-term needs.



Yoh knows that sometimes you need the flexibility of a contract, long- or short-term resource or team to augment your regular staff, work on special projects or during times of peak needs.

Yoh’s specialized professional recruiting can find the right skills, experience and work engagement to meet your needs. Flexible, contract workers are tenured professionals, many who prefer to work in the gig-economy on different projects. We also have teams of professionals ready to go, or we can find the right team for your project. Yoh’s specialized contract recruiting comes from our focus on specialty practice areas where subject matter experts recruit and vet talent for our customers. These are technology people talking to technology people. You can be sure that they know their stuff before they step foot in your building or start on your project. Contract professional recruiting provides a great way to get talent into your organization. Yoh knows flexibility.

Why Contract Professional Recruiting?

Finding great talent is about finding the right fit. Yoh’s professional recruiting staff can find you the right skills and help you fully evaluate the talent and the fit. Some additional benefits:

  • Flexible duration – long- or short-term
  • Hard-to-find skill sets
  • All across the US and internationally
  • From a single person to large teams. We can help you scale your resources
  • Screening by subject matter experts
  • Flexible engagements – generally a convenient hourly rate
  • Compliant with your screening and interviewing requirements
  • Create an additional flexible candidate pool that is ready for hire

Our talent is going to rock your socks off!

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