Customized PCS Solutions

    Uncover how our solutions can help you achieve unparalleled project success.


    Professional Consulting Services

    Alleviate the complexities of managing consultant-based project teams! At Yoh, we understand the challenges that come with overseeing skilled professionals. To help you ensure success, we have tailored our services to address your project administration pain points effectively. Explore how Yoh Professional Consulting can help you ensure success.


    Fully Managed Technical Project Team

    Our dedicated Engagement Managers bring expertise and structure in managing your project consulting teams.  We focus on everything from sourcing, vetting, and onboarding to the day-to-day oversight and ongoing governance and risk mitigation of your team and their activities. With extensive industry knowledge and a proven process, we help manage the day-to-day tasks to allow you to focus a successful project outcome.


    END-TO-END Capabilities

    Yoh helps you manage administrative and oversight tasks so you can meet your project goals on time and within budget. We make milestone dates clear, define and track key performance metrics, and collaborate closely with you to manage the team within budget constraints. With our Professional Consulting Services, you can focus on successful project delivery, as we skillfully handle people processes, tool usage, and resource efficiency.


    Optimized risk mitigation

    Yoh offers expertise in addressing and resolving delivery issues, including the identification of people, technology, and task-related risks. Collaborating with our clients, we formulate mitigation plans, maintain a pool of replacement candidates, and handle all aspects of replacing team members, if required. This proactive approach ensures that your project remains on track and limits disruption caused by unforeseen circumstances.


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