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Case Study: Engineering Talent Success for 4 UK Product Engineering Firms

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The UK's product engineering market is a dynamic hub for innovation across diverse sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and consumer goods. Focused on sustainability and digital advancements, companies in this market drive the development of cutting-edge products. Moreover, the market’s demand for skilled talent is on the rise as the UK strives for global competitiveness.

In today's business landscape, there’s an increasing demand for companies to hire subject-matter experts (SMEs) to remain competitive and enhance the UK's market footprint. Over the last few years, Yoh's UK team has actively addressed the needs of its clients by helping them overcome challenges in securing expert resources for their strategic expansion and product development initiatives. The following client stories illustrate how Yoh played a crucial role in supporting these companies in the dynamic landscape of product engineering in the UK.


4 Yoh Client Successes Driving Innovation in UK Product Engineering

1. Electrical Engineers for a 5G Wireless Communications Hardware Company

Signal processing is vital across diverse technological domains, driving advancements in communication systems, multimedia applications, medical diagnostics, and various other fields. Designing the hardware that enables these innovations requires SMEs who are well-versed in the intricacies of the technology.

In 2020, a UK startup specialising in wireless communication hardware faced recruitment challenges for digital hardware design engineers crucial for expansion. Seeking a solution, they partnered with Yoh's UK team. Yoh refined the recruitment process, identifying key roles and skill sets. The result was the placement of over 20 technical experts, from Program Managers to Marketing Directors, facilitating the transformation of the company's workforce from 18 to over 85 employees in just three years. Yoh's support facilitated IP solutions, attracted funding, and strengthening the company's global market position.

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2. R&D Professionals for an Audio Technology Company

Audio consumer electronics and computer hardware refer to the devices and components associated with audio playback, processing, and computing. Their intersection supports the development of smart speakers, gaming headsets, and laptops with premium audio capabilities. Moreover, spatial audio product development involves the creation of technologies and devices that enhance the perception of sound in 3D space, providing a more immersive and realistic audio experience for users.

A multinational audio consumer electronics and computer hardware company aimed to expand. However, they faced hurdles with a limited UK Design Team and an inability to attract skilled experts. They turned to Yoh for recruitment and staffing support to meet their goals. Leveraging their audio technology expertise, Yoh recruited 7 engineers over two years, including 5 Audio DSP Research Engineers and 2 Embedded Software Engineers. This expansion empowered the client’s Design Team for flagship product R&D, positioning the company for innovation in the audio technology market.

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3. Niche Technical Hiring for a Broadcast Media Technology Company 

In the UK, broadcast media technology companies play a crucial role in the media and entertainment industry. Skilled software and research engineers are particularly essential within this sector for several reasons. They support organizations in driving innovation and staying competitive, as well as contribute to the development of advanced software solutions for signal processing, compression, and content management.

A London-based startup specialising in broadcast media technology grappled with expanding its Research Engineering team to propel innovation in signal processing algorithms. With limited internal recruitment support, the company turned to Yoh to assist with their recruitment needs. Yoh's UK team capitalized on their GPU Development expertise and got right to work. After a comprehensive global talent search for Ph.D. qualified specialists, Yoh successfully placed over 10 highly skilled candidates including Video Research Engineers and C++ Software Engineers. The strategic recruitment had a substantial impact on the startup's product development, introducing new ideas and expertise into their network.

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4. Engineering Hiring for an ASIC Design Consultancy 

Analog circuits handle continuous signals, like those in audio and radio frequencies, and play a pivotal role in communication systems, sensors, and audio processing applications. In the context of ASIC design companies, the objective is to develop personalized semiconductor devices designed for specific applications, a task that requires specialised support.

Yoh's UK client, an ASIC design firm specialising in Analog and RF circuits, urgently sought three Analog IC Design Consultants for a project involving complex phase-locked loop design with a major automotive OEM. Engaging Yoh's services, the client swiftly received 8 qualified engineers, and after careful evaluation, 2 exceptional candidates were presented and approved. Yoh's support enabled the client to meet critical project deadlines, avoiding substantial financial penalties. The candidates provided not only excelled but continue to contribute to long-term projects.

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