Fulfilling Urgent Talent Needs: How Yoh UK Supported an ASIC Design Consultancy with Critical Engineers

UK Case Study - ASIC Design 3



  • 3 Contract Analog / RF IC Design Consultants
  • Shortlist of 8 qualified, referenced engineers presented within 24 hours


  • Access to immediately available contract specialists
  • Speed of Delivery
  • Fully Referenced Candidates

Degree of Difficulty

  • 7/10


The Dilemma

Riverbeck, a small ASIC design services company in the UK, needed expertly skilled candidates – and fast! Specialising in Analog and RF integrated circuits, the company faced an urgent need for 3 Analog IC Design Consultants with expertise in Clock Generation and Timing ICs. The organisation heard about Yoh in 2020 through marketing and communications sent by Yoh containing relevant and helpful information. In January of 2022, Riverbeck turned to Yoh for support when the Managing Director secured a project with a major automotive OEM involving a complex phase-locked loop design.

Knowing that Yoh is a reputable talent provider in the UK, Riverbeck approached them with confidence to fulfill their staffing needs.

The Strategy

Upon receiving the request, Yoh's UK team acted promptly and shortlisted 8 qualified engineers who possessed relevant experience and were available on short notice. Yoh's expert team then conducted an in-depth discovery call with Riverbeck to fully understand their requirements. Throughout the process, Yoh maintained constant communication with the client.

Yoh arranged two same-day interviews and selected two top-notch candidates to present to Riverbeck. Once the client expressed satisfaction with the candidates presented by Yoh, contracts were promptly provided to the chosen candidates.

To ensure the candidates' quality, Yoh expedited compliance and background checks covering financial arrangements, insurance levels, criminal backgrounds, and other essential aspects crucial to their successful placement with Riverbeck.


UK Case Study - ASIC Design 2

The Impact

Thanks to Yoh's invaluable support, Riverbeck not only met but exceeded critical tape-out deadlines, averting potentially severe financial penalties. The expertise and dedication of the engineers provided by Yoh played a pivotal role in the success of the project, and their proficiency extended beyond the immediate scope, leading to their involvement in other long-term endeavors. This accomplishment not only underscored the competence of the Yoh-provided candidates but also solidified the collaborative synergy between Yoh and Riverbeck.

The partnership between Yoh and Riverbeck has proven to be a cornerstone for success, laying the foundation for a promising and enduring relationship. The fruitful collaboration not only resolved immediate challenges but also set the stage for continued cooperation on various fronts. Subsequently, Yoh demonstrated its versatility and capability by successfully filling several key positions. The roles ranged from Senior Analog IC Design Engineer and Analog/RF IC Layout Engineer to Sales Director, MMIC Design Engineer, and Principal RF IC Design Engineer.

The seamless integration of these talented professionals into the team, coupled with their exceptional performance, led to not just the completion but the exceeding of expectations in the initial project. The client's satisfaction with the outcomes paved the way for further discussions regarding the design and implementation of the next phase of the project. Yoh's commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver top-tier candidates have not only met the immediate needs of Riverbeck but have also positioned them for sustained success.

Looking ahead, Yoh eagerly anticipates continuing its support for Riverbeck, confident in the strength of their partnership and the positive trajectory it has set. As they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their collaboration, both Yoh and Riverbeck remain poised for continued growth and accomplishment in the years to come.


•    18% of the UK working population work in engineering. (Source)

•    At least 15% of the working population of every UK region are in engineering jobs. (Source)

•    The demand for engineering positions is projected to increase by 2.8% by 2030, resulting in an additional 173,000 net new jobs. (Source)