Scaling Success: Doubling an Audio Technology Company's UK Design Team with Skilled R&D Professionals

UK Case Study - Audio Technology 3



  • Doubled a UK Design Team from 4 to 10+ experts.
  • 2+ Year dedicated client partnership.
  • Placed 5 Audio DSP Research Engineers
  • Placed 2 Senior Audio DSP Implementation Software Engineers


  • Specialist network within audio technology R&D
  • 7 permanent placements
  • Provided local expertise and consultancy to an overseas HR function.

Degree of Difficulty

  • 8/10


The Dilemma

A multinational audio consumer electronics and computer hardware company faced two critical challenges in their expansion plans.  Firstly, they had a limited staff on their UK Design Team, hindering their ability to take the lead in developing a new generation of spatial audio products. The company needed to grow their team quickly and effectively to meet their goals. Secondly, the company had little employer branding in the UK, making it difficult for them to attract skilled technical experts in the competitive candidate market. They required more exposure and an effective talent acquisition strategy to stand out among companies with more resources.

To address these two challenges, the company sought assistance from Yoh, a leading talent acquisition and outsourcing company.

The Strategy

Yoh swiftly sprang into action, devising a comprehensive and strategic plan to overcome the obstacles hampering the client's growth. Yoh's UK team swiftly demonstrated their expertise in audio technology research and development, proving their capability to handle the company's unique requirements.

Leveraging their specialist network of audio technology R&D experts, Yoh expanded its connections within the industry and academia to identify qualified PhD qualified Audio DSP Research Engineers. They also engaged in extensive industry networking to locate experienced DSP Implementation Engineers. Over a period of two years, Yoh successfully assisted the client in hiring 7 engineers, including 5 Audio DSP Research Engineers and 2 Embedded Software Engineers.

Throughout the partnership, Yoh also provided continuous guidance and consultancy to the client's overseas HR team, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient recruitment processes.


UK Case Study - Audio Technology Company 2

The Impact

The impact of Yoh's extensive talent network and brand recognition within the UK is clear. The partnership between Yoh and their client was transformative, especially in overcoming the client's initial employer branding challenge. This strategic alliance became a driving force in attracting numerous highly qualified candidates, leading to a noteworthy evolution within the company's UK Design Team.

Within the tight timeframe of two years, the UK Design Team underwent a staggering growth trajectory, expanding from a modest 4 members to an impressive team of over 10 individuals. This expansion went beyond numerical growth – it also marked a qualitative enhancement of the team's capabilities and expertise! The infusion of new talent brought diverse perspectives, skill sets, and innovative thinking, positioning the UK Design Team as an asset within the company.

Notably, the team's newfound strength translated into a pivotal role in the R&D efforts of flagship products. The UK Design Team became instrumental in shaping the innovative direction of the company's product portfolio. The collaborative synergy was not only a testament to effective talent acquisition but also a demonstration of how strategic partnerships could be a driving force behind corporate success and the overall progress of the company. The collaboration between Yoh and the client has created an environment conducive to innovation and competitiveness within the audio technology market. The client now finds itself in a considerably stronger position, armed with a talented and dynamic team that can navigate the complexities of product development and technological advancement.

Looking ahead, both Yoh and the client anticipate a continued and deepened collaboration. The current success serves as a solid foundation for future initiatives, with both parties recognizing the potential for further scaling and growth. Both organizations share a vision of sustained success and mutual advancement within the audio technology industry.


•    18% of the UK working population work in engineering. (Source)

•    At least 15% of the working population of every UK region are in engineering jobs. (Source)

•    Total UK R&D expenditure is forecast to increase at a compound annual rate of 1.7% over the five-year period through 2022, to reach £37.8 billion. (Source)