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5 Reasons Why Fintechs Absolutely Need Front-end Developers

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As Fintech becomes more and more globally mainstream, almost any company you look at can be classified as a Fintech company. But, as the market matures, so do the challenges they face. From how companies incorporate Fintech solutions into their existing strategies to improvements being made within Fintech security to innovations within mobile payments and more - the potential within this space is uncapped and unlimited.

With so much growth, Fintech companies rely heavily on highly-specialized and  experienced developers to build their solutions. Fintech software engineers are in high demand, especially those that can build highly innovative services, solve complex security challenges, and especially create user experience the are easily adoptable by their target audience.


Fintechs are hungry for great Front-end Developers! That’s because one of the main keys to any new Fintech product success is how easily and intuitively the user can interface with it. Developing a mobile app or even a website requires a unique set of skills that not just any developer has - but are honed over time by the best Front-end Developers.

Because the space is so saturated with new and innovative startups, new Fintechs have to stand out by sourcing and employing experienced engineering professionals who can develop interactive and engaging mobile apps or websites that represent their product’s key features and more importantly the value to their customers. A poorly designed or implemented app or website can not only drive your users away but can spell disaster for the future growth of the company.

Here’s why Front-end Developers are so important to your business, product, and customers.


It’s no secret that today, fast apps and web pages increase user engagement, retention, and ultimately help boost sales due to good reviews. The last thing you want is a laggy, broken app with long loading times. Impatient customers will tire of waiting and quickly, bounce and find another competitor that’s quick and timely to meet their needs. There’s no room in today’s market for poor-performing websites and apps.

Front-end Developers are crucial to optimizing performance. They make sure your app and web pages have fast load speeds to keep users coming back and engaging - a key to increasing sales and returning buyers.


On top of improving loading speeds, Front-end Developers ensure a top-notch user experience by optimizing responsiveness. When a user clicks to your website or opens your app, you’ll want minimal waiting times, links that work, and great accessibility features.

By maintaining and enhancing your product’s responsiveness, your Front-end Developers are essential to improving your customer experience. Ultimately, keeping up with a responsiveness strategy and testing your product over time will help it stand out from your competitors’ products and create greater loyalty.


Clear navigation that is optimized for a better app experience allows users to realize the value of the Fintech app or website. It will also ensure that client loyalty and usage will continue to grow as the product is enhanced and features are added.  

Your team of Front-end Developers needs to be savvy when optimizing your product’s navigation. On top of maintaining performance and responsiveness, they need to work closely with the UX team to map out intuitive navigation so that users can achieve their end goal in the most optimized and efficient manner. The last thing you want is for users to get sucked into an endless loop to find the answer they need. Luckily, the best Front-end Developers sleep, eat, and breathe to create an intuitive product that keeps users coming back for more!


While design technologies continue to evolve, businesses must keep up and maintain user acceptance and loyalty. A good Front-end Developer stays on top of technology changes, always making sure to apply the most modern features while enhancing the client experience and maintaining loyalty.

The Front-end Developers you employ will ultimately help you create a great Fintech product interface that drives continued growth and value to your company. From maintaining brand identity to optimizing your product for performance, responsiveness, and enhanced navigation, this person or team will be key to the future of your business.


Ultimately, the way your customers perceive and recognize your brand has a massive impact on your bottom line. A unique brand identity and digital presence is the special sauce that makes your customers want to keep engaging and coming back for more. It contains the tangible elements that set you apart from your competitors and help your audience associate your brand with your product and interface. 

Front-end Developers are very well acquainted with aligning development with your company’s design and brand guidelines to ensure that brand identity is maintained. They make sure your users continue to have a great digital brand experience that solidifies your customer relationship and insures they will continue to utilize your products and services as they become more feature rich! You’ll want your Front-end Developers to continuously seek out innovative solutions and ways to stay in line with industry best practices to maintain a modern brand identity.


There are many key Product and Development roles all Fintechs will need across the product development life cycle, from front-end to back-end to product management. We covered many reasons why Front-end Developers are crucial for your business. Still, the reality is that all roles in the Product Development Cycle are critical to success.  Back-end Developers, Data Engineers, Security Specialists and Product Managers are equally as important as Front End Developers in success of any Product Development Cycle.

If you’re a serious player in the Fintech space, hiring the right team will provide a much higher chance of success and allow your customers to get the most value out of your product.  Since Fintech’s market needs are constantly evolving, it’s critical to work with a strong partner attuned to those changes to help you stay ahead of the curve and guarantee success for your firm!.

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