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Migrating to the Cloud? How to Capitalize on the Right Cloud Solution

Cloud MIgration

Today, organizations of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the benefits of the cloud and looking to begin their own cloud migration journey – if they haven’t started already. Emerging technologies continue to influence typical organizational practices. Cloud-based computing systems allow companies to store sensitive data on one unified platform. With the advent of enhanced security controls, data stored on the cloud is often more secure than at a local data center.

Many companies are taken back by the complexity of integrating cloud services. However, with a fine-tuned migration strategy and  properly aligned team of experts given the appropriate resources, your company can embark on a path towards new opportunities made possible by a comprehensive cloud solution.



At a high level, every successful cloud migration undertaking involves checking off a few key steps. Where you will begin depends on how far along you are in your cloud journey. While some organizations have already made strides in moving data to the cloud and strategizing on the best solution, others have yet to start. No matter where you stand today in your platform lifecycle there are options to get you to the finish line.

When you're planning your organization's cloud strategy, you'll want to consider the following areas and questions:

  • Planning the migration - How will you effectively move your apps, assets, and data to the cloud?
  • Developing your cloud architecture - How will you build out an optimal cloud infrastructure that's both intuitive and comprehensive?
  • Choosing the right environment - Does it make the most sense for your organization to choose a public, private, hybrid, or platform-as-a-service solution model?
  • Awareness of best practices - Are there ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency without jeopardizing functionality?
  • Executing the transition - Who's on your cloud migration team? How quickly will they be able to implement change?
  • Knowing when to ask for help - Is it worth turning to third-party cloud migration experts to do it right?
  • Validating success - How will you know whether the new cloud solution is working as planned?

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There’s no doubt cloud computing has redefined the way many organizations approach technology and data solutions, and its impact across all industries is only poised to increase in the years to come. Today, cloud providers have significantly enhanced cybersecurity protocols and continue to work to increase safeguards and reduce the risk of data breaches. Companies are more comfortable than ever migrating increasingly sensitive data to the cloud.

That shift represents a larger reality in cloud-based computing – the solutions are constantly evolving and improving. As providers build out new capabilities to meet involving customer demands, the power and potential of the cloud will continue to expand. Organizations must be prepared to capitalize on new possibilities around providers partnering to offer multi-cloud services, advancing artificial intelligence tools and hybrid cloud solutions in the year to come and beyond.

Cloud services hold great potential for organizations ready to embrace them. That starts with building the right team to begin your cloud migration journey.


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