The Gift of Growth

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January 17, 2014

Mentoring is an honor – it is the gift of growth. As Marshall Goldsmith, a leading author in helping leaders achieve positive change in behavior, states “Except for love, there is no greater gift one can give another than the gift of growth”. Mentoring is also mutually fulfilling for both the mentor and the mentee. It is a privilege to help another learn and possess the relevant knowledge and skills to be useful and partner with someone who can benefit from that.

There are several traits that all mentors have in common. Effective mentors are:

  • Present, open and accessible
  • Good communicators and good listeners
  • Knowledge seeking and always learning
  • Upbeat, thoughtful, respectful and responsive
  • Able to share constructive feedback
  • Share willingly knowledge, insights, and ideas
  • Act as a sounding board, allowing the mentee to develop and grow
  • Confident yet humble
  • Willing to give credit to others

As the face of recruiting continually changes and in attempts to engage candidates and build our databases and candidate pools with solid, mutually beneficial relationships, we can now be mentors for our candidates. There are a few characteristics that we, as Recruiters, can ensure that we project and possess in order to be excellent Career Mentors. Those include:

  • Transparency – be honest in communications with candidates regarding their fit for positions or the company culture for which we are recruiting. Giving someone false hope rather than having a difficult conversation will cast a negative light on not only you as a Recruiter, but also the companies you represent.
  • Availability – there is no worse feeling in the world than feeling as though you don’t matter. In today’s age of rush, hurry, and move on to the next it’s very important to slow down a moment and ensure that we are communicating – returning voicemails, emails, and keeping candidates warm and engaged.
  • Knowledge – While initially we do reach out to candidates, candidates will continually come back to us because we are the expert, we are knowledgeable, and they hope that we can help them move forward in their career path. That’s a huge responsibility and it’s up to us as Recruiters to know how to help them in that goal.

Recruiting is ever changing and growing with many moving parts and pieces making up the process as a whole. Mentoring is a gift in any aspect, and the benefactor is not only the mentee – but moreso the mentor. This is a gift definitely meant to be treasured.

This post was written by Jennie Vancel. Jennie is a Recruiter with Yoh RPO division and comes with a very diverse background including Human Resources, Sales, Training and ultimately Recruiting. With over 15 years of experience across varying industries, she has been instrumental in piloting and implementing global strategies for process improvement, candidate experience, and retention. Specialties include building customer relationships, strategic planning and superior service delivery. Jennie currently resides in Louisiana and outside of work is an avid animal rescuer with four furry family members of her own.

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