The Top 3 HR Leadership Challenges Revealed

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Posted by Alexandra Deck

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February 3, 2015

For HR Managers or recruiters, there are no worse combination of words in the English language than, “Do you have anyone else lined up?”  Forget about all of the time it took to weed out a barrage of qualified (and unqualified) hopeful candidates down to what you thought was the best of the best. Then orchestrate a seemingly endless game of musical chairs to accommodate everyone’s interview schedule. Only to find out your crème de la crème is doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi. I beg to differ. 

If retaining and rewarding the best talent is an area of weakness within your organization, you objectively have two possible strategies to course-correct; increase in-house recruiting resources or outsource some of or all recruiting services. Let’s pause for a second here. Outsource. Words like “eliminate,” “overhaul,” and “reorg” likely come to mind. We get the instantaneous negative contention the term outsourced services evokes, but so that we are all on the same page, let’s break this down a bit further.


Top 3 Challenges On the Horizon for HR Leadership & Executives

Whether your part of the front line or the final decision maker, each person plays a key role in the cog that makes up the HR machine. And, it's no easy task. Take this survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) into consideration. It researched and revealed the top challenges HR executives will face up until the year 2022.



Courtesy of SHRM.org

Now for a moment, let's take recruiting functions out of the equation. Look at all of the other areas the HR department could add value to your company’s bottom-line.

  • Developing the next generation of corporate leaders (this was the second HR Executive challenge just after retention and recruitment)
  • Creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees
  • Creating an employee-centric, service-orientated HR organization
  • Breaking down cultural barriers that make it difficult to create a truly global company


Ideas to Improve Recruiting Efforts

One way to improve overall recruiting efforts; including sourcing, recruiting, interview scheduling, screening and on-boarding, is to outsource some of or all of your recruiting functions to a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Provider. Historically, RPO Providers would absolve the entire recruiting process from end-to-end, but over the past decade, RPO services have undergone a serious transformation.

Today’s RPO agencies specialize in parts of the recruiting process, specialty positions and industries, or offer consultative services to overhaul your existing recruiting efforts. The goal is to create continuous communication, transparency and trust between HR teams and the RPO Provider.

If you are interested in learning whether outsourced recruiting services could benefit your organization, you’ve got to check out this webinar from the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA).

The truth of the matter is the term outsourced recruiting doesn’t need to strike fear into the hearts of your HR teams. In fact, the more you learn (or relearn) about outsourced recruiting services, the more you might see the positive benefits and values it carries.



This blog was written by Alexandra Calukovic-Deck, aka the Marketing Guru, a data-driven marketer. Growing up in the traditional marketing era, this Inbound Marketer has experienced first-hand the shift to a more digital world. Versed in email, social and content marketing, Alexandra Calukovic-Deck drives the strategy behind Yoh's international sales and marketing divisions. Claims to fame include the longest possible last name ever, certifications in Strategic & Inbound Marketing practices, and lover of all things Philadelphia (especially the Philly food scene. 

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