• Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    RPO. Or Should We Say, RP Yoh?

    RPO is recruiting done right. It’s as much process as it is recruiting. Getting the right talent into your organization can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. An RPO engagement can lift your hiring efforts and, if you’re in charge of talent acquisition, even your career. Yoh’s VP of RPO, Andy Roane shares his thoughts on how to win through RPO and his hidden talent.


What is critically important, frequently thankless, but incredibly rewarding in the long run . . . especially when it is done right?

What’s that? Parenting? OK sure we’ll give you that. . .but what we’re talking about is talent acquisition. I get it, show me your services – jump to ‘how we do it’.

Talent impacts everything after all. The execution of strategy, your company’s financial wellbeing, and let’s face it your talent has lots to do with how the market perceives your company. This is why Recruitment Process Outsourcing exists - to alleviate the pressure of doing more with the talent acquisition process on a budget that last saw a significant increase in the days before the iPad even existed.

This is how Yoh can help. Do more with less, increase quality of your talent, and keep the cost to quality in check.



  • Social media recruiting
  • Employment branding
  • Content development


  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Skills assessment
  • Qualification
  • Screen/testing


  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Administration
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Whole Enchilada

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The whole ball of wax, nine yards, kit and caboodle, enchilada shebang, the full treatment. . . if it is in your recruiting process then it is in this recruitment process outsourcing service from Yoh. Focusing on the complete talent acquisition approach Yoh manages every aspect of nurturing talent, engaging with passive and active candidates, sourcing them into key open positions, handling the interview process, the applicant tracking system and executing the details necessary to get new employees going as a part of the team. Local, national or global, the Whole Enchilada improves the employment brand of your company, speeds up and increases the value of your recruiting process and does so for all your skill demands or specific and selected skill areas.

Game Planning

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Let’s face it, business is a competitive sport. And sometimes there are very specific set plays we need to run in order to compete; specific areas of talent that need to be discretely focused upon for a determined period of time. Gaming planning from Yoh recruitment process outsourcing is exactly for these moments, and takes a project approach to develop these set recruiting plays and delivering talent when and where it needs to be.

T-aq Breakdown

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Yoh can break it down as good as any of today’s most popular hip-hop artists. Good thing too because the talent and recruiting process has many detailed and discrete elements. So whether you need help with just sourcing, screening, recruiting or qualification Yoh will break it all down and manage it for you.


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Just like streaming an entire season of your favorite show on a lazy weekend, streaming recruitment process outsourcing services allows you to get talent acquisition and recruiting help on demand. Perfect for when talent needs unexpectedly spike and even an ‘all hands on deck’ approach won’t do the trick. Yoh is perfect for those moments when you need to dial up your recruiting.

White Label

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White label is sort of the RPO version of the plain white T that you take home and tie dye. It allows you to engage Yoh for complete recruitment process outsourcing while maintaining complete consistency of your employment brand. Internally Yoh is a visible and critical member of the talent acquisition team, externally the Yoh partnership is your company’s little secret.

Professor RPO

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An analysis of your process and custom recommendations. When the talent acquisition process is increasingly complex and your options many, it makes sense to call in the professor to sort out exactly what the best recruitment process outsourcing approach should be. . . so yeah it is basically consulting. Yoh will lead an exhaustive analysis of your current talent acquisition and recruiting processes, your immediate and long term talent needs, and the strategic workforce plan for your business. From this in depth discovery effort Yoh will develop a custom approach that is right for your company’s needs.


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Who even knows what that means? What we do know is social media recruiting is incredibly valuable, but not so easy to sort out and oh by the way something no one ever tells you . . . it takes a pretty big effort. Yoh can help you develop a comprehensive social media recruiting approach and manage the entire process for you. First thing you will understand is that social media recruiting is not at all about the tools, but about the nature of the employment story that your company seeks to tell. Yoh will help you develop that story chapter and verse and then follow the story arch to consistently and effectively use social media to build up the talent community ahead of your talent demands. The result is a much more engaged candidate marketplace pre-disposed to not only listen to but spread your company’s employment opportunities.