Download: HRO Today / Yoh Worker Confidence Index Report

[Thirteenth Installment Includes Q4 2017]


Historically, there hasn't been a single index to calculate worker confidence within an organization; that is until now. HRO Today Magazine partnered with Yoh, and set out on a mission: to develop a proven index to measure U.S. worker confidence and optimism in their job security.  

After thirteen quarterly surveys, the results demonstrated significant correlations between worker sentiment and other widely used and trusted indices; including Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) and to the GDP. 

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Yoh and HRO Today Magazine surveyed full-time employees on a monthly basis during the 4th quarter of 2014, all 4 quarters in 2015, 2016 and now through the fourth quarter of 2017. Using four key components – involuntary job loss possibility, likelihood of promotion, anticipation of a raise, and trust in company leadership -- the study results are shown by age, gender, race, education and income level. 


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