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Hot Resume Trends and Tips to Land Your Dream Job

GettyImages-1303367753Whether you are a college graduate looking for a placement or an experienced professional wanting to switch to a new job, you should be aware of the recent resume trends. Hiring managers are overwhelmed by the number of applications they receive every day, making it essential for you to devise ways to catch their attention.

Your resume provides an opportunity for you to give a good first impression to the prospective employer, and there is a lot you have to do to write a convincing resume to catch their attention. Today, the job market is competitive.  With new recruitment trends emerging every day, candidates are forced to adapt quickly.

To help you understand what hiring managers are looking for, let’s discuss the hot resume trends and tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition and get you the job you want.


Identify your skill sets

It’s no longer necessary to focus only on the job title when searching for a job. Instead, put more focus on the required skills, because job titles are always changing.

While you might be looking for a specific title, you may find that there are more fitting positions available with a different title that you haven't even thought of. Therefore, if you identify your skills that are required to perform the job, you can increase your targets in your job search.

Hiring managers are looking at resumes from a new perspective. Resumes are essential for them as they have a chance to see a summary of your career. They are interested in your work history, accomplishments, and skills set details. You can present them the resume in either digital or paper format, and they expect to be impressed by your presentation.


Technology skills

Technology keeps on making a huge impact on all businesses across the spectrum.  Businesses are striving to keep pace with their competitors, resulting in employers expecting their staff to adapt to such changes.

This has prompted hiring managers to look for candidates who are knowledgeable about technology. Below is what you can do to show that you have the required technical skills:

  • For every job, you need to keep pace with the latest innovations related to your field so that you can include such skills in your resume.
  • Demonstrate to the hiring managers in your resume the technical competence you have.
  • If you feel like you are a bit behind the latest tech, then find time to research. You can learn about the technology used in your industry through online resources.
  • Make sure that you quickly grasp the recent changes in your field so that you can include the tech knowledge in your resume.


Leverage social media

If you use any type of social media platform, then it's time to consider your personal brand. This online activity can work to your benefit or not, depending on the image that you want to present to your audience.

Hiring managers are always scanning for ideal job candidates on social media. More than 70% of the recruiters today use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. So if you are in the market for a job, you can use social media to your benefit. You can use it to present yourself as an expert in your field, and incorporate links of your social media sites in your resume. 


Be creative

Hiring managers are on the lookout for unique resumes. They read hundreds of resumes involving never-ending job experiences, templated skill sets, and boring sales pitches. This makes it important to avoid just writing everything that comes into your mind and create a resume that will stand out. 

You can only stand out from the crowd by carefully choosing every word you include in your resume. Use active verbs and strong words to show that you have a lot to offer.

You also don’t want the hiring manager to find it difficult to read your resume file. If this problem happens, they are bound to skip your resume and go for other candidates’ resumes. Therefore, your resume should always be in DOC, PDF, and HTML formats. These formats are easier to open and read.

Also, avoid creating a confusing design for your resume because while it might look appealing to you, it can also be a distraction to the hiring manager. It’s great to focus on the content, and it should have enough white space to ensure it looks clean. This will make it easier for the prospective employer to read the resume and see the necessary information.


EMPHASIZE Soft Skills 

Gone are the days when hiring managers were just after highly-skilled and experienced candidates. Companies have realized that employees with emotional intelligence fit easier into the company’s culture.

Emphasize your soft skills in your resume,  such as your ability to work in a team,  communication skills, attitude, and leadership skills. Use practical examples and demonstrate where you have used them before and how your previous employers benefited from them. You can also talk about the tangible goals you have achieved by utilizing those skills. 


Format for ATS

Most companies are using technology to determine the suitable resumes to send to the hiring managers. One of these technologies is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which can automatically check resumes.

The ATS looks for specific keywords, skills, and experience that closely fit in with the position of interest. Therefore, you need to write content based on specific requirements of the job you have applied for. You can use strong keywords in your resume to match the job requirements. Make sure that you study your profession and field to create the right keywords.

If your resume doesn’t have the right keywords and is not formatted, the ATS  is likely going to reject it. About 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS even before the hiring manager had time to read them.

This is why your resume needs to be formatted and use proper keywords to prepare it for this scan. With more than 95% of Fortune companies using ATS software in their recruitment processes, you can’t take a chance with your resume.


Use quantifiable examples

The only way to catch the attention of a prospective employer is by using quantifiable examples. Make a point by listing out your responsibilities and duties so that you can stand out from the competition. The ideal way of doing this is by mentioning specific accomplishments and give solid figures wherever you can.

For example, instead of saying you increased the sales by upping the number of dealers and sales partners, you should say that you used digital media and automation to develop a new customer base that led to a 40% sales growth. Of course, you should have the backup for the claims you make.



If you keep these tips and trends in mind, you can show your potential employer the value you can bring to the company. After all, this is your best option to make a good impression to land your dream job.

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