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5 Tips to Incorporate Video into Your Recruiting Strategy

video_picture-blogCreating video content used to be a complicated and costly endeavor that many businesses couldn't afford. Now, however, the technology to make high-quality videos is more accessible than ever. Using videos is a fantastic way for companies to connect with qualified leads and candidates.

Extending your reach and attracting top talent are vital considerations when recruiting new team members. Here are five tips for incorporating video into your recruiting strategy. 




1. Create a Company Overview

If a candidate doesn't know who you are, the first thing they will do if they see a job post for your company is head over to Google and conduct a search. While you want applicants to know about your company, you also want to control the narrative. Furthermore, you want to keep their attention so that they don't venture off into the Google rabbit hole and miss out on applying.

Create a company overview video that you can incorporate into your job posting. This video should be brief but impactful, with a clear overview of your mission, values, and culture. A company overview video is a fantastic opportunity for candidates to familiarize themselves with your building, key team members, and business objectives. 

Keep in mind that the company overview should match the tone of your brand.


2. Use Video Social Media Marketing

When you market your business, you're not only exposing yourself to potential clients; you're showcasing your company to potential employees. Talented professionals in high demand have the freedom to choose their place of work. How are you going to stand out against the competition?

Video is the most effective medium in social media marketing today. TikTok has skyrocketed as a popular platform, with Instagram struggling to keep up. Social media videos can easily be shared across platforms to extend your reach. 

Whether you're building your brand on Instagram or setting your company up as an industry leader on LinkedIn, creating video marketing content is an effective way to make that happen. 


3. Create Video Job Ads

Instead of using the traditional channels for attracting new employees, consider creating video job ads presented in-stream on social media platforms. While the idea of creating an ad may seem overwhelming, you can create a promo video in under 3 minutes using templates.

This format is a great opportunity to spark a connection with candidates. Use your video to tell a story, conveying more information in less time than a traditional job posting. Try to keep the video short and sweet, using compelling visuals with an appealing voiceover if needed. Remember to add a call-to-action that shows people how to apply.

If you doubt this alternative approach, ask Google and Apple how it worked for them.


4. Request a Video Pitch

Another way to incorporate video into your recruitment process is to replace the traditional cover letter with a video pitch request. Ask candidates to pop on a quick video and introduce themselves that way. 

Video cover letters are beneficial to both the candidate and the recruiter. There are plenty of candidates who fall flat in a formal letter but are magnetic and personable. Using a video gives the applicant a chance to efficiently highlight their personality and efficiently convey their skills and background.

Requesting a video pitch or cover letter is also a great ice breaker for an interview and team interactions. Recruiters can use this to get a better idea of how the candidate interacts and conveys their qualities. Additionally, in a world where everyone is in silos, a video pitch can put a face to a name and help confirm one's identity.


5. Create Onboarding Content

The final stage in the recruiting process is hiring and onboarding a candidate. The onboarding process can be somewhat time-consuming and convoluted. Training can be a challenge, particularly when hiring for remote teams.

Video onboarding content can simplify the process and make it more accessible to your candidate. This will help them get comfortable with their role quicker and improve their experience along the way. The onboarding experience often indicates how the new employee will perceive their value and place within the company culture. Use this format as a method for making a great impression.

Use any of these tips to incorporate video content into your recruiting efforts to help connect with top talent and streamline the hiring process.

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About the Author: Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest digital marketing advancements and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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