5 Steps to Improve Your Recruiting Process

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Posted by Alexandra Deck

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October 9, 2014

Man_on_LatterWhen you stop to think about, the act of recruiting hasn’t change since the phrase human resources management was coined. What has changed dramatically over the decades is the process in which organizations attract and hire new employees.

Mainly because recruiting tools and technologies are evolving at lightning speed. It was just two years ago when TLTN, ERE’s talent recruiting digital resource, reported that 4 of the 9 HR & Technology trends to follow included social media recruiting. Just one year later, Smart Recruiters told the industry that Google indexing and mobile recruiting was the next wave of the future.  

With the rapid adoption of new technologies, it can feel a lot like you're chasing the trends rather than utilizing them to drive your company's recruiting strategies. And before you've even mastered one, either a new one is rolled out or your platform of choice becomes obsolete.

If social media recruiting, HR technology analytics, employment branding or candidate sourcing make up one or more of your top recruiting challenges, you aren't alone. The problem is that all four of these operations make up a piece of the entire recruiting process, or as we'd like to call it, your recruiting infrastructure. Without a solid foundation in place, the entire process falls apart. 

To get started on the road to successfully recruiting, it all starts by identifying the role your HR Department will play. What are their strengths and where do their weaknesses lie? Remember, it's not about pointing fingers, it's about being realistic, analytical and resourceful.

But like the chicken and the egg conundrum, how do you begin to access the strength of your recruiting infrastructure?  To get you started, we found this helpful Infographic from HR Bartender that identifies the do’s and don’ts of executing a world-class recruiting process.

If after running through this exercise you conclude that your recruiting process is in need of restructuring; we’d recommend downloading this free eBook on Rebuilding Your Recruiting Infrastructure.

Here's a peak at each of the five steps detailed in the eBook. Click here >> to download the full eBook

  1. Evaluate Your Current Recruiting Process
  2. Collaborate With The Business
  3. Categorize The Demand
  4. Determine The Budget
  5. Perform A Cross-Functional Analysis

Alexandra Calukovic-Deck, aka the Marketing Guru, is a data-driven marketeer. Growing up in the traditional marketing era, this Inbound marketer has experienced first-hand the shift to a more digital world. Versed in email, social and content marketing, Alexandra Calukovic-Deck drives the strategy behind Yoh's international sales and marketing divisions. Claims to fame include the longest possible last name ever, being able to call herself a certified Strategic Marketer and being a Philly phanatic.



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