Movieclips Monday: Post St. Paddy’s Day Time Management

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Posted by Matt Rivera

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March 18, 2013

If you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, you were probably wearing some form of green. If you happened to celebrate a little too much, you may be feeling (and looking) a little green this morning.

While you are recovering, I thought a little reminder might be in order about how the year is flying by. Mid-March is a common time for companies to start looking at the first quarter and thinking about how the year is starting off.

Whether your year has gotten off to a fast or slow start, your talent acquisition needs are something you should be looking at all year long. Our recent workforce trends survey showed that many companies are still only looking at their workforce plans on an annual basis. By then, it’s usually too late to do anything about it.

Are you meeting your hiring goals? Do you have the talent you need? Is your workforce plan in place and starting to produce results? These are all good questions to ask before the year gets away from you.

Speaking of which, today’s Movieclips Monday is both green and a good reminder of how time can get away from you. It’s from the frenetic Jim Carrey feature, The Mask. However, you don’t need an oversized mallet to get your workforce plans in order. Just some time and focus.

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