Movieclips Monday: Be excellent on Presidents Day

Abraham Lincoln hired and fired many generals during the Civil War. You have to wonder what good sourcing and recruiting could have done for him and how it might have affected the length of the war or the number of lives lost.

Today, the people we hire, those with whom we work, and the leaders of our companies all have incredible impact on our lives and the success of our business. And it starts with recruiting, or more specifically, excellence in recruiting.

In addition to recruiting, a successful workforce requires excellence in a few areas. But don’t take my word for it. Today’s Movieclips Monday, on this excellent Presidents Day, features President Lincoln bestowing some very sage advice to a crowd of high school students.


OK, so Mr. Lincoln’s message was short and sweet, but it still holds true today. I don’t know what you heard, but here’s what I took away from those moving words:

  • Have excellent recruiting resources. Measure your recruiting efforts constantly and look for a variety of resources, both internal and external, that will help you find the right people.

  • Be an excellent employer. You’ll attract and keep more people if your company is a great place to work.

  • Be an excellent boss. Engage your employees and recognize their contributions often.

In short, I think Mr. Lincoln was trying to say that if we are excellent, our companies and our employees will thrive. And then we can all party on.

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