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Movieclips Monday: Keep an eye on game changers

As you may have noticed, the classic CGI- enhanced movie Jurassic Park is back in theaters, this time in 3D. It ranks as one of the first movies to truly pull-off realistic, computer-generated dinosaurs along with popularizing the burning question from the Michael Crichton book on which it’s based: Could you extract dino DNA and create a dinosaur today?

What it reminds me of is how fast technology can advance in a short time and what an impact movies and books have on our society. But getting back to the technology, the fascinating thing to me is how a move like Jurassic Park reminds us how much can happen with technology from what appears to be one single advancement.

For example, when Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) animation was introduced into the movies, it was a game changer. But this single advancement meant there had to be a wide range of new skill sets introduced into the movie-making process. It changed the cameras, production schedules, computers, storage, computer networks and projection systems. Professionals had to change the way they work, find new experts in different areas or train existing people on new technology.  So in reality, this one change was probably thousands of changes for the movie industry.

The same can be said for most businesses. Time, products, customers and technology do not stand still. It takes focus and continuous evaluation to make sure you have the right talent to move your company forward. Or, to be ready for the next game changer (like mobile apps for example).

So are you ready? If not, you may be looking in the wrong direction when that game changer comes along like the unfortunate game warden in today’s Movieclips Monday scene from Jurassic Park.

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