What You Need to Know About Recruiting Millennials

Portrait happy young woman thinking dreaming has many ideas looking up isolated grey wall background. Positive human face expression emotion feeling life perception. Decision making process concept.Businesses beware. By 2030, it's predicted that over 75% of the workforce around the world will be made up of the Millennial generation. When you compare how different the current workforce is to this new generation, recruiters have certainly got their work cut out for them.

With the younger end of the Millennial population beginning to enter the workforce, businesses are faced with the challenge to be innovative and revolutionary when it comes to recruiting and retaining this generation. As a recruiter, it's important to understand how Millennials both interact with your employer brand as well as how to leverage insights from existing Millennial employees.


What You Need to Know About Recruiting Millennials

To give you the knowledge you need to recruit Millennials successfully, here is a handful of essential facts you need to ensure the entire process runs as smooth as possible!

Social Media is a Tool

It doesn't matter if you love or hate social media, the business world thrives on it. Whether you're currently active on social media or your manager has had years of experience on it, consider that a millennial worker has grown up with it.They know everything there is to know and can likely trump any challenge you throw their way.

Whether you’re using social media to recruit or trying to handle a new online marketing campaign, use Millennial employees to your advantage.


The Recruitment Process Needs to Change

Nick Darwin, recruitment manager from Academized explains, “Most hiring processes are time-consuming and require a lot of paperwork. Because of this, some Millennials choose to opt out of the process. To engage these Millennials, recruiters have to keep the process efficient, such as screening, interviewing, and scheduling in a single engagement.”

When attempting to hire Millennials, you need to make sure you’re engaging their needs. If you and a business rival are competing for the same recruits, and your competitor is utilizing a modern form of recruitment, they’re going to win the talent.

Company Culture is Crucial

Millennials have grown up in a world where technology has created an unparalleled sense of community, both on and off the screens. If a rainforest is about to get cut down on the other side of the planet, you can bet that Millennials already know about it. When Millennials approach your business for a job, they’re simply not in it for the payslip, they’re in it for an experience that your business has to offer.

Jackie Bates, hiring specialist from Paper Fellows states, “When a Millennial approaches your company for a job, they will be looking at a lot more than just coming in and doing their time. They thrive on interaction with other people and other employees. If they walk into an office where everybody is silently tapping away at computers, they’re going to want to leave and you’ll miss out on some of the top talent available”.

Opportunities to Thrive and Progress

This is the same for all generations but most importantly to Millennials. This generation is extremely target driven and thrives when given a challenge and an opportunity to prove their skills. Use this to your advantage. If you offer a millennial a chance to follow a lucrative career path, it will shock you how hard they will work for it.

Simon Drake, the team manager from Ox Essays, suggests, “When hiring Millennials, we ask the same old question of where they see themselves in five years. Usually, the answer is somewhere along the lines of being successful and having an entertaining and engaging job. Since Millennials started to join the global workforces, we have completely redesigned the way we work, setting goals and targets for people to thrive for with real, honest awards at the end”.

Hiring Millennials is no easy feat and there are a tonne of aspects to consider. For a chance of hiring the best of the best, streamline your hiring process, be honest and most of all, just be human and connect with them like you would anybody else.


About the Author: Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success.

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