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Top 5 Hiring Trends in the UK in 2022


The UK job market is on the road to recovery. The way people work has undergone unprecedented change during the last 2 years in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have had to adapt to the challenges brought about by the pandemic including employee engagement, remote working, staff shortages, and employee turnover.  I’m always seeking out the latest trends within the UK market.

These are the top five hiring trends within the UK I’ve seen and expect to continue throughout this year.

TOP 5 hiring trends in the uk in 2022


Before you even speak to potential candidates, ensure your job description is detailed. Clearly state the requirements and expectations of the role in your job ads to provide a concise view of the role. Work with your team members to consider all skills required to achieve success within the role. Some skills may be absolutely necessary for the right candidate to have, some are skills that the candidate can learn during their time in their new role. 

A competitive salary and benefits package will help you secure the top talent needed to fill your roles. Be aware of current employee salaries and the market value of the role to let your candidates know that you are interested in their skills. Including insight on company culture, company values, and diversity and inclusion give your candidates a more human view of your organization.


Before contacting a passive candidate, research what motivates them and what makes them happy in their job. With this knowledge, personalize your sourcing emails to describe what you can offer them instead of what they can do for your company. Active candidate profiles on LinkedIn are a great sign that they are engaged with their network and open to new opportunities. Based on their profiles, get a feel for what skills they have that will be a good fit for your role and their overall industry knowledge.

3. hiring fast

Look at your hiring process and ask yourself: are all the hiring stages really required? Are we looking in the right places to fill our candidate pipeline? Do we communicate quickly with candidates and with each other? It’s crucial to communicate with your potential candidates to learn their skills and proficiencies that will work best for the role. However, it is more important to learn how they have applied their core abilities into successful projects and achievements in the past. Read in between the lines to consider if the candidate has what it takes to apply their experience and grow with your organization.


A strong employer brand is what will attract the right candidates to you from the start. Having an active and updated presence on your company website and social media platforms are a must. Give your coworkers the means to tell their story about their work and what they like through blogs, videos, and their social media platforms (especially LinkedIn). That’s one of the best ways for your candidates to experience your company culture without even having to step foot into your office (or home office!). Always reply to online reviews, bad and good. And above all, be a good employer and it’ll show.

5. Ensure a Good Candidate Experience

Good communication can create a meaningful candidate experience, no matter what the outcome. Set expectations for communication from the start with your candidates. Let them know when they should expect to hear from you and follow through with the promise. Some of the best ways to uphold good communication practices include setting reminders and using email templates to streamline your process. Respond to your candidates inquiries along the way concisely and within a timely matter. Don’t leave them in the dark throughout the hiring process.

a look into hiring in 2022 and beyond

As COVID-19 continues to alter the way the UK works, industries are still adapting. With new technology creating new roles and making more roles capable of being remote or hybrid, the possibilities for industry enhancements are endless. However, the talent gaps across many industries make the role of a recruiter even more crucial. With these trends carrying into 2022, the stakes are higher than ever to place top talent. Take advantage of the robust hiring pipeline and use these tips to place your next candidate!

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