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Introverts Can Be Great Leaders Too

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“There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas,” writes Susan Cain. It's true. Being an introvert and a good leader are not mutually exclusive.
Over the decades, many introverted people such as Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Rosa Parks have become some of the most important leaders and changemakers in history. Even if they were quiet and mostly silent, they used their intrinsic qualities to make the world a better place.

If you are an introvert, there is no need to be ashamed of it. The differences between individuals are what helps make the world a beautiful and interesting place. If everyone acted the same, how could we learn from others, interconnect, or develop strong relationships? We need something to connect with each other and most of the times, sharing thoughts and experiences is an excellent starting point.

Tips on how to become a great leader as an introvert


Know Your Inner Qualities

While extroverts get endless compliments on their charisma, introverts are less prone to receiving such flattering remarks. That’s why they must know their strengths and appreciate themselves by all means. If you’re quieter than the rest, there’s a high chance you won’t be noticed as quickly; but if you are aware of how valuable you are, nothing can break that confidence.

Most introverts are excellent listeners. They put others’ interests before their own and listen carefully without drawing inaccurate conclusions. Is you are an introvert, this might be one of your best strengths too! A great leader understands others’ perspectives before replying. Do you?



Introverts are also known for being extremely reflective, which is a great quality to possess. When you evaluate a certain situation, make sure you focus on the bigger picture. Analyzing your employees’ decisions to the tiniest detail isn't beneficial for anyone. However, considering new ideas and approaches before making a final decision is an outstanding skill that only some of us have.


Write Your Ideas Down

Introverts might also feel uncomfortable speaking out – that’s why writing down your ideas should be integrated into your routine. Assignment Writing CEO Kaley Doom states “when you are not confident on your decision-making process and want to check if everything fits, get a paper and a pen and start writing. You might be surprised by what you’ll discover and become very proud of yourself.”


Keep Communication Doors Open

I know there are times, as an introvert, when communicating with the people around you might seem an impossible task. When that is the case, recognize the symptoms and stop yourself from committing this tiny social crime. Don’t disappear. A great leader is always open to communication and listens to his or her delegates. He or she is present and keeps the door open at all times. Don’t cut the means of communication with your team – instead, improve them.


Prepare in Advance

Leading meetings can be challenging as an introvert. Even so, there are ways to combat these tense feelings and anxieties. Preparing in advance is one of the best methods to avoid fear. If you’re not feeling the confidence to lead such a meeting, map out an outline of your speech before the meeting starts. Have a clear structure and well-divided paragraphs. Prepare an agenda and discuss it thoroughly. Ask colleagues for their opinions and actively interact with your staff – it always helps.


Socialize as Much as You Can

Spending time socializing is not a usual Saturday night for an introvert – but it must become one. If you are not good at communicating with other people and forming deep connections, it’s time to start working on yourself. An excellent leader loves interacting and exchanging new ideas and information with his or her peers.

Tip: make it a challenge – socialize with three random people this week. You could choose them from any social setting – the supermarket, your local bakery, your company, a bar, etc. Like Nike, just do it! If you won’t start now, when will you?


Take Time for Yourself

Being caught up in infinite social settings and having no time for yourself is not smart either. Even extroverts feel the need for solitude from time to time. When too much socializing becomes stressful, take a break and do only what you like. Enjoy a good book, watch a movie, play with your dog – anything that helps you relax and unwind.


Wrapping Up

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” And he’s right. Quiet people can become leaders too – it’s only society’s misconception that they can’t. Let go of what they think. Keep your head up and move forward. Good luck!


About the Author: Cathy Balis is a is a content freelance writer specializing in personal growth, career development, leadership, and education. Writing is not only her hobby but profession at the same time.

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