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Case Study: Supplying Creative & Marketing Consultants for a Health Insurance Giant

Health insurance marketer-shortThe healthcare insurance industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in the demand for skilled creative and marketing talent in recent years. This shift is heavily attributed to factors like growing competition among insurance providers, evolving consumer needs, and the increasing importance of digital channels for customer engagement.

Today, companies are striving to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Health insurance companies, like one of Yoh’s clients, are turning to creative and marketing subject-matter experts (SMEs) to craft compelling messaging, design user-friendly interfaces, and develop innovative campaigns that resonate with both current and prospective policyholders. Their goal? To establish strong brand identity, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately, drive business growth.

Want to jump ahead? Read the full case study here, including the story behind Yoh’s long-standing relationship with a reputable health insurance giant.


The Dilemma

Starting in 2015, Yoh's Philadelphia team had been consistently filling crucial healthcare positions for a prominent US health insurance company. However, in 2023, the company started to acknowledge Yoh's strong reputation and expertise in the creative and marketing field. The client sought Yoh’s assistance once more – this time in supporting their firm with creative and marketing talent solutions.

The client faced three key challenges: the need for candidates interested in a hybrid work model, an initial vaccination requirement (which was later dropped as a requirement), and a preference for candidates in the tristate area. Struggling to find suitable candidates through their in-house recruitment efforts, the organization saw Yoh as the ideal partner for solving their creative and marketing staffing needs.


The Strategy

Yoh leveraged their creative and marketing expertise to swiftly identify and place three highly skilled SMEs for the client, including a Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing Solutions Consultant, and Corporate Communications Manager. They achieved this goal within a few weeks, seamlessly integrating these consultants into the client's operations.

Initially, Yoh faced the challenge of finding local on-site candidates. Oddly enough, this was a unique requirement in a post-pandemic work landscape. To address this, Yoh meticulously identified candidates who valued in-person networking and aligned them with the client's needs. Today, all three Yoh consultants effectively split their workdays between virtual collaboration and the client's office in Philadelphia.

Yoh’s tailored recruitment strategy not only filled the talent gap but also strengthened the longstanding working relationship between Yoh and the client, thanks to Yoh's extensive history and support in the healthcare sector.


The Impact

The collaboration between Yoh and their client has yielded overwhelmingly positive results. In a short span of time, Yoh maintained a productive relationship and seamless integration of their consultants into the health insurance company’s operations. This success underscores Yoh's adaptability and commitment to serving as a versatile talent partner across diverse industries, including insurance, finance, healthcare, creative and marketing, and information technology. Their flexible engagement model, which includes full-time employees (FTEs) alongside consultants, enhances the depth and breadth of their support.

Looking ahead, Yoh is eager to expand their support for the client's creative and marketing talent needs and explore potential opportunities to extend their involvement into the technology and finance and accounting sectors as the client's needs evolve. This collaborative partnership continues to thrive, with both companies dedicated to nurturing relationships with existing and new stakeholders.


Interested in learning more about Yoh’s success with this client? Read the full case study here!

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