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Case Study: Elevating an Aerospace Pioneer with a Streamlined Talent Search

Drone - blog - shortIn the dynamic aerospace industry, the demand for exceptional talent in critical domains is back on the rise following the pandemic’s lull. As aerospace companies increasingly push the boundaries of technology and sustainability, they require top-notch Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, and Administration professionals to navigate the complexities of this ever-evolving sector. IT specialists are essential for developing cutting-edge software and systems, while engineers drive innovation in aircraft design and manufacturing. Finance experts play a pivotal role in managing budgets for ambitious projects, and skilled administrators ensure seamless operations.

As aerospace corporations prepare for groundbreaking endeavors, the need for outstanding talent in these areas becomes more pressing than ever. In this high-stakes industry, attracting and retaining top talent is not just a challenge but a strategic imperative for success and growth. And Yoh and their Pennsylvania-based aircraft corporation client know this conundrum well!

Want to jump ahead? Read the full case study here, including how Yoh placed 10+ IT, Engineering, Finance & Administrative candidates with their client.


The Dilemma

In late 2022, a pioneering aircraft corporation found itself grappling with a problem. This company, renowned for its groundbreaking technology and unwavering commitment to sustainability, faced a pressing issue in attracting top talent. Despite the fact that its eco-friendly initiatives and budget-conscious practices had earned it accolades, government trust, and a thriving business, the company needed additional support in finding great candidates.

The company struggled to hire across multiple pivotal functions including IT, Engineering, Finance, and Administration. The paradox was evident. Despite being at the top of their game in terms of business success, the company struggled to attract top talent. The Chief Operating Officer (COO), no stranger to Yoh's expertise, recognized the urgency of this talent conundrum. Drawing from past collaborations, they believed that Yoh's capabilities could be the key to resolving this pressing issue.


The Strategy

The company took action by seeking assistance from Yoh. The first challenge they tasked them with was in finding a replacement Administrative Assistant for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) within a week. Yoh quickly sprang into action. They quickly provided three resumes, conducted interviews with two candidates within 24 hours, and smoothly onboarded a qualified individual within the week.

This initial success set the stage for a lucrative partnership. Yoh soon found itself with several additional job orders from the client. The team from Yoh's Philadelphia branch collaborated closely with key figures on the client's side - including the COO, CIO, and Director of Engineering - to understand their unique talent needs. In response, Yoh assembled a dedicated team of 5-6 Recruiters and Account Managers to cater to these requirements.


The Impact

The partnership between Yoh and the aerospace company has proven mutually beneficial, driven by Yoh's competitive pricing, dedicated resources, and seamless service. This synergy has cultivated a thriving client-partner relationship with a promising future. Strategically, Yoh has positioned the client for growth as they prepare to unveil a state-of-the-art aerospace facility with a significant investment, aiming to hire over 100 professionals and transition from an R&D company to a dynamic production powerhouse. The client's unwavering trust in Yoh's scalability underscores the value of this partnership.

Yoh's standout ability to expedite candidate searches, particularly for specialized positions, has saved the client both time and resources. Yoh's recruiters streamline the talent search process, often outperforming in-house efforts, and their commitment to continuous improvement is evident through detailed feedback from their clients. With this one in particular, Yoh is looking forward to a lasting client-partner relationship, and they are committed to driving success and innovation as the aerospace company embarks on its journey of growth and transformation.


Interested in learning more about Yoh’s success with this client? Read the full case study here!

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