InfoWorld examines IT generation gap

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Posted by Mindy Fineout

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August 2, 2010

As you'll recall, we often try to share with you the employment realities of the industries in which we have experience, more specifically in IT and health and life sciences. We've also spent some time recently discussing the qualities and motives of Gen Y workers.

It seems to be a widely accepted understanding that the tasks and perks that make professionals in this age group tick are different from those of preceding generations. However, there are few tried and true methods out there for engaging these workers and enabling them to work to their fullest potential. (Probably because they have been viable members of the workforce for so few years.)

In keeping with both of those themes, I want to share with you an article published today by InfoWorld reporter Dan Tynan: "Bridging the IT generation gap." Dan goes beyond the stereotypes and generalizations and explores the real differences between older and younger generations of tech workers -- their work styles and habits, their use of social media, and how they teach and learn from each other.

Dan's article is thorough and unbiased. It provides valuable insight for managers struggling to manage workers of any of these generations.

Disclaimer: Yoh's own Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, Dan Cobb, is quoted in the article. But even without his contributions, the article is a great read!

Topics: Staff Management, HR Strategies

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