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11 Game-Changing Digital Recruitment Technologies

catch_me_running.jpgThe work of recruiters used to be limited to contacting colleges, universities, and companies from their industry during the hunt for the best candidates.

It used to be that recruiters had to attend multiple conferences throughout the year if they wanted to establish valuable connections and build up their pipeline. Now, they are still doing those things, but the bulk of connections are stemming from individuals they've never met.


11 Game-Changing Digital Recruitment Technologies

The recruitment cycle still consists of three stages: sourcing, selection, and retention. However, there are a number of game-changing recruitment technologies that make those stages infinitely effective, easy, fast, and cheap. Let's explore how the Internet made recruitment way easier for us starting with these 11 digital recruiting tools.



Career events are no longer necessary when you want to meet people with interests relevant to your industry. Meetup is a tool that can cover that aspect of your work. Specify the skills you’re after, and the service will give you suggestions for meetups. You can arrange meetings with those prospective candidates and discuss your offer.



Meetup is not professional enough for you? If you’re not up for casual tools, you can always rely on LinkedIn - a professional networking service where you can connect with potential candidates. You can use the network to search for candidates and communicate with them, promote your organizational culture, and post job ads.

LinkedIn is useful for another aspect: blogging. It’s important to establish yourself as an expert in the industry, and your organization as a place where everyone is happy to work at. You can achieve that by posting high-quality articles on LinkedIn’s blogging platform.


Cornerstone Performance

This is the motto of this tool: Foster a culture of continuous development. Once you attract and select the right candidates, you’ll want to keep them right where they are: in your organization. Moreover, you’ll want them to grow. Cornerstone Performance is meant to help you motivate your employees to deliver better results.

You’ll do that by benchmarking their performance and aligning their activities with the strategy of your organization. You’ll provide continuous feedback that will contribute towards their improvement.



Remember how we said you should start blogging on LinkedIn? Top-notch content will showcase your organization in the best light and attract top talent your way. If you have zero time for such an activity and you can’t delegate the blogging task to people from your organization, you can always hire professional writers from Superior Papers.

They will work according to your instructions. These guys can deliver custom-crafted content under any deadline, so feel free to be as specific as possible with your guidelines when placing an order.



This doesn’t look like the most professional tool a recruiter could use, does it? However, you’ll certainly find a subreddit related to your industry. You’ll notice people with great knowledge and expertise there. The forum also gives you a chance to introduce your organizational culture to the community and make connections with the people who are worthy of recruiting.



It would be great to test a potential candidate’s specific skills before inviting them for an interview, wouldn’t it? That’s possible thanks to Revelian. You can use technical and non-technical skills tests to see how well your candidates do with cash handling, data entry, proofreading, typing, Microsoft suite, mechanical reasoning, and anything else you want to test.



If you want to test someone’s coding skills, CodeEval is a great tool for that. You can set coding problems and challenge your best candidates to solve them. After that, you’ll definitely know who you’ll invite for an interview



We won’t list any other tools for video interviewing, since Skype is more than enough. You handle more candidates via Skype when compared to in-office interviews. You’ll know whether you have the right person or not within 5 minutes.


Small Improvements

Performance tracking is an important element of your job as a recruiter. Small Improvements is a great tool to use for that purpose. You can set and align objectives, engage the employees and appreciate their success. You’ll use the tool to provide and request ongoing feedback, which you’ll translate into goals for growth.



This is a valuable tool to use during the retention phase. It connects you with your entire team and people across your organization. You can use it as a private social media, where everyone will be free to discuss different issues, suggest ideas, and collaborate on projects. It’s great for developing a unique organizational culture that your employees won’t want to leave.



Wooboard is another tool you’ll use after attracting the perfect candidates your way. It’s a cloud-based employee recognition platform. You’ll use it to give public recognition to your best workers. When they get such an appreciation, they will be motivated to do even better. The entire team will view the progress of the workers, and they will support each other for each success they achieve. You can use WooBoard to give rewards in the form of gift cards for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Golfsmith, and more. 


The right recruitment tools will save you time and energy, but will also save your organization a lot of money. Are you using some of the tools we listed above? Share your impressions!

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About the Author: Joan Selby is an freelance recruiter  and a blogger; a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and a fancy-shoe lover; a writer by day and reader by night, giving a creative touch to everything. Find her on Twitter and Facebook

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