4 Recruitment Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

businessman hand drawing virtual chart business on touch screen computer as conceptHaving a solid recruitment strategy is essential for any company. The traditional recruitment process might not seem to be as effective as it used to be, and if you don't keep up, your competitors will continuously come out ahead of you. Adapting to the factors that are quickly changing will help you find the great talent that will fit in perfectly with your your company's individual culture. Candidates these days seem to have more knowledge in their field of expertise, and because of the drastic change of society, they tend to show more ways on how they could positively affect your business. Recruiters need to adapt to these changes to find the right talent for their organization's needs. Here are the trends that you should watch out for in 2020.




The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been growing and  improving rapidly in the past few years. Many industries have already shifting to the use of Artificial Intelligence. It has been proven to be more effective and reliable in replacing many small tasks in the recruitment process, 

With the right programming choices, the use of AI during the recruitment process will likely give the candidates more confidence and it lessens the tension during the interviews. Shifting to the use of AI can also help your established teams to focus on important things and at the same time, give your candidates a better experience.


Prioritize the candidate experience

The recruiting and HR teams in your industry should collaborate and produce the best experience for the candidates. Most of the time, candidates who have had a great experience during their interviews tend to spread the word to other potential talent. And with the positive outcome, people with the same field expertise will become interested in working with you.

Searching for a job is tiring, and sometimes, most candidates that you think are perfect for your industry end up not joining your team because of the negative experience that they had during your recruitment process. But by making your recruitment process better, it will increase the chances of your preferred candidates to think of how they can better position themselves for success in your company. 


Hiring people with soft skills

With so many technological advancements and evolving recruitment trends, recruiters struggle with acquiring their desired candidate. This can often shift their focus to candidates who possess soft skills like critical thinking skills, teamwork, and inductive reasoning. This specific skillset highlights the ongoing demand for candidates who can effectively adapt to new changes in the ever-evolving technological landscape that is becoming more and more important in any job across all industries. 

Talent pools and The Tech Talent Gap

Talent pools are a list or a database where you keep your best candidates. It does not only consists of candidates that have tried to apply for the job, but it can also be made up of referred candidates, sourced candidates, and silver medallists. This is a good way of easily hiring candidates that you think are perfect for the position that is needed in your company.

One challenge to the talent pool is the ongoing talent gap that many companies are facing with technology roles. Artificial intelligence is the main perpetrator in this push-and-pull, and it’s resulting in an almost constant influx of new technologically-focused roles and responsibilities, with little time for candidates' to build or possess the expertise, or have time for training.


Recruitment trends will continue to change over the next few years, especially with the technology that is evolving almost every day. Although the  way we recruit may continue to change, the end goal will still stay the same - to attract the right person for the role. By staying on top of these trends, the right candidate may be within your grasp. 


About the Author: Joshua Ahorro is the digital editor of Self-proclaimed geek, he enjoys discussing anything technology related. After work, he likes to spend quality time with his small family.


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