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July 17, 2017

houston.jpgIf you are searching for work in the Texas area, particularly in the Greater Houston metro, the outlook is becoming more and more favorable. While the sentiment for job seekers last year was admittedly bleak, job numbers are increasing and there is immediate opportunity in a number of prevailing and recently emerging industriesif you know where to look.

It’s well-known that everything is bigger in Texas, but over the past few years, that hasn’t translated into steady job growth. Recent job reports point to the on-going decline in the number of open or available jobs across the nation. In the Greater Houston area, certain sectors have been hit harder than others. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few industries resembling a diamond in the rough.


Hot in the Houston Market

With that being said, living and working as a Houstonian has its perks. Besides the diversity in industry and sheer number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered there, in areas such as overall cost of living, utilities, and transportation, Houston came in below the national average. Texas experienced the highest national population growth with record numbers flocking to Houston and Dallas suburbs, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  

Additionally, even in the wake of the 2015 oil crash, the unemployment rate in Houston has averaged well-below the national average. Real-time data aggregated from Career Builder indicates that the top industries hiring right now include: Central Freight and Trucking, General Medical and Surgical Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities; i.e. skilled nursing professionals.


The Top 10 Houston Area Jobs

What if your skills or qualifications don’t match one of the top three industries? Not to panic! There are a number of booming industries and companies in need of qualified professionals right now.


Customer Service Representatives

Avg. salary: $47,959

Nationwide average: $44,242

Suggested title searches: Customer service representative, sales representation, administrative assistance, or customer services


First-line Supervisor of Office and/or Administration

Average salary: $60,297

Nationwide average: $56,957

Suggested title searches: Office Manager, Supervisor, Assistant Training Supervisor, Client Service Manager, Office Administrator

Finance Positions  

Average salary: $82,247

Nationwide average: $78,849

Suggested title searches: Accountant, Financial Analyst, Controller, Staff Accountant, Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager, Finance Manager 


Stock Clerks

Average salary: $13.49/hr

Nationwide average: $12/hr

Suggested title searches: Cashier, Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Inventory Clerk, Stock Clerk, Warehouse Clerk


Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

Average salary: $44,204

Nationwide average: $37,375

Suggested title searches: Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Legal Secretary, Secretary, Executive Administrative Assistant


Computer Usage Support Specialists

Average salary: $55,650

Nationwide average: $58,950

Suggested title searches: Repair Technician, Active, Analyst, Application Support Geoscientist, Application Support Specialist


First-line Supervisor of Retail Sales

Average salary: $13.67/hr

Nationwide average: $14/hr

Suggested title searches: Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Retail Store Manager


General and Operations Managers

Average salary: $68,159

Nationwide average: $65,793

Suggested title search: General Manager, Operations Manager, Store Manager, Manager, District Manager


Industrial Engineers

Average salary: $89,292

Nationwide average: $77,367

Suggested title search: Project Engineer, Process Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Electrical Engineer


Retail Sales Persons

Average salary: $58,171

Nationwide average: $59,882

Suggested title search: Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Assistant Manager, Retail Sales Associate, Accessories Manager

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