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Top 5 Annual WealthTech Events Any SME Should Attend in 2024

WealthTech Events 2024 - short

Whether you're a Fintech newcomer or a subject-matter expert (SME), attending annual events with your team is a valuable way to stay informed. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends and connect with Fintech professionals at all levels, from startups to established corporations. Participation options vary, whether you're representing your company, hosting an informational booth, or showcasing your latest Fintech solutions. Most industry events cater to everyone, and the prospect of travel is an added perk, with many transitioning from virtual to in-person or hybrid platforms.

This year, my team is looking forward to attending some of the best WealthTech events. Let's explore what each has to offer.


1. Fintech Meetup 

When: March 3 - 6, 2024  |  Where: Venetian, las vegas, NV

Fintech Meetup is a gathering of over 5,000 leaders in Fintech, Banking, Payments, and Lending, uniting to shape the future of the industry. This event sets out to enhance how professionals in the field connect, collaborate, and conduct business, driving powerful results and impact. Fintech Meetup’s agenda is crafted to address the most pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the industry and today's organizations. Attendance offers the chance to network with a diverse group of experts from across the entire Fintech ecosystem, spanning an impressive 130+ categories of services and solutions. Whether you're seeking to finalize deals, establish partnerships, learn, or expand your network, Fintech Meetup is a great place for any SME to be.


2. WealthStack  

When: May 13 - 16, 2024  |  Where: THE DIPLOMAT BEACH RESORT, HOLLYWOOD, FL

The annual WealthStack conference provides a valuable platform for financial advisors, RIAs, broker-dealers, asset managers, investment banks, asset servicers, WealthTechs, and technology decision-makers to connect and collaborate. Attendees have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of accelerating business growth, delivering top-notch digital client experiences, and improving overall productivity and profitability. With cutting-edge insights, inspirational thought leadership, and a vibrant community, WealthStack stands out as the premier conference for SMEs seeking to expand their knowledge and network within the rapidly evolving WealthTech space.


3. Finovate Spring   

When: May 21 - 23, 2024  |  Where: MARRIOTT MARQUIS, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Finovate Spring stands out as the west coast's premier Fintech event, focusing on pivotal WealthTech trends. With 1200+ senior attendees, including 600+ from banks and investors, along with 50+ demoers and 100+ speakers, the event is a hub of innovation. Top Fintech innovators showcase cutting-edge technologies through live demos and sponsorships. The conference delves into market drivers, economic outlooks, and successful organizational methodologies. Attendees have ample in-person networking opportunities to connect directly with the minds shaping the future of finance – from Fintechs and platform players to financial institutions, regulators, and investors, all contributing to redefining the global landscape of Financial Services.


4. Finovate Fall: WealthTech & Investing Summit

When: September 9 - 11, 2024  |  Where: Marriott Marquis Times Square, NYC

This unique Finovate Fall experience features live demos of cutting-edge WealthTech and InvesTech products. The conference caters to companies adapting to today’s dynamic Fintech market, addressing personalized wealth management, changing demographics, and key technological developments. Finovate's focus on concise and informative sessions, including 5-in-5 presentations, ensures a quick understanding of exciting Fintech technologies and trends. Tailored sessions by industry experts cover the latest WealthTech best practices for immediate application. Most importantly, attending this event provides ample opportunities to connect with founders, innovators, and experts for business collaborations and to foster valuable relationships.


5. Money20/20

When: October 27 - 30, 2024  |  Where: aria, las vegas, NV

Money20/20 stands out as the foremost global platform for the money ecosystem, offering premium content, sales, and networking opportunities. With a commitment to providing in-depth analytics, inspiring speakers, and world-class insights, Money20/20 empowers its customers to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of Payments, Finrech, and Financial Services. The conference promises a clear and distinctive focus on what's next, fostering strategies, building relationships, and transforming mindsets. By being part of Money20/20, attendees join a global movement actively shaping the future of money.



Gaining insights from industry peers is an invaluable opportunity. Within Yoh's Fintech Practice, my team has found these events to be excellent for networking and advancing the Fintech and WealthTech sectors. It allows us to contribute to the growth of these fields and offer our clients access to top-notch talent. With the constant debut of new technologies, we take the initiative to continually learn and develop our skills. We look forward to potentially meeting you at one of these upcoming events!

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