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Video Podcast: Yoh & WillHire Direct Sourcing Partnership

business partners, partnership concept with two businessman handshakeAs companies continue to embrace a virtual workforce, firms have to be technologically adept and use social channels to engage and find top talent. Building a brand identity that is a catalyst for engagement is more important now than ever before. 

Talent remains the backbone of any thriving company; therefore, it is in their best interest of any company to pursue a direct sourcing strategy that captivates top talent from around the globe. Direct Sourcing allows companies to build talent pools of known and unknown talent, and diagnose their ability to engage and attract elite candidates. 

In this video podcast, Kevin Poll, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at WillHire, and Vanessa Janus, Vice President Enterprise Solutions at Yoh, sit down to discuss the strategic partnership between WillHire and Yoh. They discuss how Yoh's talent and workforce management capabilities, in tandem with the technological expertise of Willhire, can optimize and improve the client's total talent solution and talent pool curation. This dynamic collaboration will also allow the client to not only leverage their brand and attract top talent, but also deploy cost-effective practices.





Leveraging Your Brand

Organizations worldwide have heavily relied on networking events to showcase their gregarious employees that can personally attest to company culture. Since we are in the midst of a global pandemic, these types of events are difficult to orchestrate. Strategies like organized virtual zoom meetings have been set up to engage with prospective candidates, but interaction frequency has quickly diminished. This leaves many companies scratching their heads and scrambling to compensate for the ineffectiveness of engaging with talent through a virtual setting. 

The strategic partnership of WillHire and Yoh is here to help. Together, they can deploy data analytics tracking from a predictive and reactive standpoint to help companies differentiate their brand from their competitors.  Using these insights, they will know the rights steps to attract the talent that's needed, without losing time to ineffective strategies that continue to underperform. 


Industry Experience

Yoh has decades of industry experience in Direct Sourcing and Staffing Services that allow companies to stimulate innovation. To truly understand the diversity of Total Talent Solutions Yoh offers, Vanessa Janus said that Yoh's Total Talent Solution experiences range from "working in the Panama canal to space exploration." The variety of industries Yoh has provided integrated workforce solutions in speaks volumes to the diversified expertise the company can provide. 

WillHire's Direct Sourcing strategies have helped transform companies' ecosystems. They have enabled companies to reduce costs and time to bill and attract the best talent on the market by utilizing innovative technologies.

Together, their ability to complement the other's strengths can create something transformative for your Total Talent Solution. Some even say this dynamic partnership is comparable to John Lennon and Paul McCartney from the Beatles.


Test, Evaluate Your Access to Talent

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