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Introducing Mindy Fineout’s Recruiting Ruminations

We're excited to announce a new feature column on The Seamless Workforce, Recruiting Ruminations. It will be authored by new blogger, Mindy Fineout. Recruiting Ruminations will bring a new perspective to our readers: the fast-paced, colorful, and unique nature of the recruiting world; the impact it has on firms doing the recruiting; how talented candidates can navigate their way through what can at times be a sketchy process; and what it takes as a recruiter to serve both candidates and hiring managers well.

I know you're going to enjoy Mindy's writing, which is frequently filled with wit and wry humor. The grist for her ruminations comes from more than seven years recruiting in various capacities. She has a keen "inside baseball" perspective of nearly every angle of recruitment, and whether you are a recruiter, a hiring manager or a candidate, we know you'll find her contributions to be at the very least, entertaining and most likely, incredibly valuable.

Check back tomorrow for Mindy's inaugural post, "Coffee is for closers."


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