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[Infographic] Employees On The Move

Full length of group of happy young business people walking the corridor in office togetherDue to COVID-19, many challenges appeared for the country’s workforce. People lost their jobs, some began working from home, and some even stopped working altogether. What’s next for America’s workforce?

Well, according to a recent survey, now might be the best time for employers and HR managers to re-evaluate what they are offering to employees, as well as the type of talent they want to attract! This can include, but not limited to, looking for ways to create smoother lanes for career development, reconsidering compensation standards, benefits, and workplace culture. This will be important because many people have adopted a desire to search for new employment opportunities. As many as two in ten Americans are open to new opportunities in the coming year!

How will you take this opportunity to draw new talent to your business and retain the skilled talent you already have?











  • COVID-19 has caused many challenges to appear for the country's workforce 
  • Americans are more likely than every to find better opportunities for themselves in the workplace
  • Compensation and Education play a big role in the employees decision to stay at a company 
  • Your business has the opportunity to take advantage of these changes to attract and retain skilled talent

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