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Back To Work Podcast: Reengaging Employees After COVID-19 (Part 1)

Top view of people joining hands together as a symbol of partnershipAs we all know the world has gone through several changes this past year and due to COVID-19, many people have experienced changes in the way they work. We thought this shift would only last for a couple of weeks - but over a year later we are just now talking about what the return to work will look like and the transition of workforces into a “new normal”.



In this podcast, we sit down with Vice President of HR at Yoh, Kirt Walker, to hear what he thinks about the next transition we are facing and valuable insight on emerging issues.


Listen to the full Podcast Below:

Employee and Customer Safety:

How to manage the safety of your workforce and your customers should be one of your most important priorities, if not your first priority. It can be a difficult task, though, to fully unite your workforce in this effort. This is because of the varying opinions about COVID-19 and the effects that it can have. This is in regards to masks, social distancing, etc. It is vital to make the stance of the company clear so there is no confusion. Also, with the introduction of vaccines, there are varying opinions of whether to take them or not. Some people will not go back to work if until their coworkers are vaccinated, and some people are against taking the vaccine all-together. This is where the company needs to make a decision ensuring a strong and healthy company culture.



The basics of onboarding are going to be the same. “We’ve got to bring people in, give them the tools, give them the access, and help them develop their relationships” – says Kirt Walker. According to recent staffing industry analyst research said that 83% of employers felt the transition was successful, and 71% of employees felt it was successful. This is overall pretty good, but there is still room for improvement. The onboarding process will not be an easy one. The process will need to be monitored to provide the best experience for new employees.



Coming back to the office will be a change and might be a struggle for some.  Companies may want to host a welcoming party for their employees return to the office, but according to Kirt, what's most important is the attitude of leaders towards their employees. Leaders that can be empathetic and welcoming will be way more valuable to an employee than a welcome back party or celebrations. This transition will be a great time for the company to establish and reinforce who they are and their brand, as well as a valuable time for employees to establish their own personal brand.


High Turnovers

Recently there have been many job vacancies. Zip recruiter reported they had 15 million job vacancies in March, compared to just 6 million in June of last year. There has been a huge increase in the number of available positions. Some companies have had to reduce their services because of a lack of employees. Employers will need to be creative. They may need to offer higher wages, flexibility, etc.  and having the right leaders to help in this transition will be crucial. So if you don't have these types of leaders, you should seek them out now.



In conclusion, COVID-19 has forced us to change our old way of living, and things still continue to change. In order to be prepared, we will all have to take precautions and be flexible. It can be done, but it will just take time and maybe a little extra work!

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