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Improving Your Workforce with a Superb CRM and EDM

GettyImages-1167945070In the business world, all sorts of acronyms get thrown around. From HR to IT, there's an acronym for everything. But two of the most critical acronyms in business are CRM and EDM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, while EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. Both systems are essential for any business that wants to improve its workforce. Let's take a closer look at how they work.


How CRM Works

CRM systems help businesses keep track of their customers and potential customers. This information can be used to nurture relationships, upsell products or services, and resolve customer service issues. By understanding their customers better, businesses can provide a better overall experience that keeps customers returning for more.


How EDM Works

Email is a method of communication that has been around for quite some time. It allows people to communicate with each other using the internet. However, email can also be used to improve the workforce. This is done by sending email blasts to the greater workforce to encourage collaboration and collectiveness.

The email messages can also include links to articles or websites that can help the employees hone their professional skills. Additionally, the email should be personalized so employees feel the message comes from a friend or someone who cares about their success. Ultimately, using EDM to improve the workforce is a great way to boost morale and productivity.


How CRM can help track employee performance 

If your business is like most, you have a system (or several systems) to track customer interactions. But what about monitoring employee performance?

CRM, or customer relationship management, software, can do more than help you keep tabs on your customers—it can also help you track employee performance. For example, let's say you have a team of customer service reps. Using CRM, you can see which reps resolve the most tickets in a given period.

Or, if you're using Asana as your project management tool, you can see which employees are completing their tasks on time and which are falling behind. Tracking employee performance doesn't have to be complicated—CRM can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


How EDM can help manage employee communications

Self-hosted email marketing software can be a great way to manage employee communications. By using self-hosted email marketing software, you can easily track employee communications and ensure that your employees get the information they need.

You can also use self-hosted email marketing software to create customized communication plans for your employees. This can help you ensure that your employees get the most out of their communication with you.

Also, self-hosted email marketing software can help you save time and money by automating employee communications. Automating employee communications can free time to focus on other aspects of your business. Self-hosted email marketing software is a great way to manage employee communications and improve communication in your industry.


Using CRM and EDM Together

EDM is great for organizing customer data and keeping track of customer interactions, but managing large volumes of data can take time and effort. On the other hand, CRM is designed to help businesses manage customer relationships. It can track customer interactions, sales pipeline progress, and marketing campaign results. When used together, CRM and EDM can provide a complete picture of the customer journey from start to finish.

CRM is also very good at managing sales pipeline progress and customer engagement. By integrating CRM with EDM, businesses can keep track of customer interactions across multiple channels, including email, social media, phone calls, and in-person meetings. This information can be used to identify trends and optimize the sales process. By understanding how customers interact with your business, you can ensure that your sales team is always working on the most productive tasks.

By integrating CRM with EDM, businesses can understand the customer journey completely. This information can be used to optimize the sales process and improve customer engagement. As a result, companies will see an increase in productivity. If you're looking for ways to enhance the productivity of your business, consider using CRM and EDM together.


Tips to choose a good CRM and EDM

  • Consider the features offered by different CRM and EDM software
  • Look for a CRM or EDM that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface
  • Make sure the CRM or EDM you choose can be customized to meet your specific needs
  • Find a CRM or EDM that integrates with other software you are using



CRM and EDM systems are essential for any business that wants to improve its workforce. By understanding their customers and employees better, companies can provide a better overall experience for everyone involved. If you need to use CRM and EDM in your business, now is the time to start!

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