How to Use Freelance Contractors to Better Your Business

GettyImages-1329214071Using freelancers to fill out your team makes good business sense in an age when remote work positions are increasingly in demand. The prospect of finding, employing, paying and managing that team of workers can be overwhelming, though. Use this guide to make working with top freelancers in your business an easy feat.

4 Tips for Working with Top Freelance Contractors

1. Decide What Freelancers Your Business Needs

Each company is different and the freelance services they need will be, too. There are some positions that work best when outsourcing to freelancers, though. If you don’t have experience with managing money, using freelance accounting and payroll services makes financial sense. Graphic designers, web designers, marketing professionals and social media managers are all commonly hired as freelancers because their services often don’t require full-time hours and have no need to be on a business’s premises to achieve their goals.

2. Prepare for Hiring Freelancers

Engaging freelancers has its own set of rules, so familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in your area regarding using employees outside of your state or country. Protect your assets by forming an LLC or limited liability company that puts distance between what’s yours and what’s your business’s. In addition to limiting liability, forming an LLC also grants you tax advantages and more flexibility than other business formations. Use an online formation service to file yourself and avoid expensive lawyer’s fees but check on your state’s laws before proceeding.

Research ways to pay freelance employees working in India and other countries as traditional means may be off-limits or cost-prohibitive. Convenient transfer services and apps are trustworthy and low-cost, allowing you to employ talent from across the globe without issue.

3. Find High-Quality Freelancers

Freelance services can be found at online marketplaces. When looking for international employees, utilize online job boards that allow you to find the talent you want in the location you desire.

You can also use traditional means of searching for freelancers. Apollo Technical suggests developing a quality job listing that will attract the right employee for your business and post the position on Indeed and other job sites, specifying that it is contract work.

However you find your potential hires, do a thorough background check to ensure the contractor has an established history of positive outcomes. Ask for examples of past work to get an idea of the quality of work you can expect to ensure it meets your standards. 

4. Keep in Touch

All Things Talent asserts that communication when working remotely is essential to employee cooperation and reaching business goals. Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate with your team regardless of how spread out its members may be. Programs, such as Slack, make staying in sync with your employees effortless and make remote project development and execution a breeze.

Sharing large files can become problematic when email won’t allow the files to go through due to their size. When communicating with design professionals, you may be tempted to compress JPG files, but doing so can degrade the quality of your image. You can have both quality and ease of delivery, though; simply utilize a JPG-to-PDF converter that allows you to turn images into high-quality PDFs.


Employing freelancers is a savvy way to improve your business's outcomes while embracing cost-efficiency. Find and keep the highest quality contractors for your business and its future will be a bright one. The specialized recruiting and integrated workforce solutions from Yoh help companies stay innovative and out in front of the competition. Connect with Yoh today! 

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