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5 Ways HR Technology Can Boost Employee Engagement

iStock-951113184Human resources is an important department in any business, because HR is responsible for engaging with employees in the workspace. 

Employee engagement helps companies to maintain healthy relationships with their employees and that is why HR departments everywhere are using the latest in employee engagement technology. Here are four ways that technology can help your company with employee engagement:


1. Facilitate Self-Improvement

Today’s workforce requires highly-educated employees who are willing to constantly learn and improve their skills. That is why companies provide training sessions and workshops for their employees. In addition, these sessions/workshops provide great opportunities for HR employee engagement. By using the internet to host webinars and workshops instead of hosting training sessions in a stuffy office, HR can make company training more convenient and accessible for everyone in the company.

In addition to hosting webinars and online training sessions, your HR department can also use the latest in technology to direct employees to online classes hosted by universities and community colleges.

By doing this, your HR staff can show employees that you don’t want to waste their time, and that you also are willing to provide them with the means to improve themselves.


2. Boost Employee Performance

Employee performance constantly needs to be monitored, because employees need to know whether are not they are meeting company standards. Jira is one such automated system that can allow you to track employee performance, progress on assignments, monitor workflow, and provide feedback. At CustomWriting, we use this program to track writing tasks and provide feedback.

Employees like it when you provide them with feedback and track workflow, because they want to know whether or not they are doing a good job, and they don’t want to be overloaded with tasks because a project manager does not know how to handle workflow.


3. Effective Communication Builds an Effective Team

Communication is the key to success. Companies with employees who do not communicate effectively with one another create toxic environments that resemble armed camps from the Dark Ages, rather than a modern day workplace.

Also, there are software available that can prevent communications breakdowns. Slack is a very effective tool that our HR team uses to facilitate communication between employees. As a result, employee engagement at our company is always positive and we have a very happy workforce.


4. Improve Relations Between HR and Other Departments

HR and other departments are constantly at odds with one another, because employees in other departments often think that HR just exists to browbeat and fire people. In turn, HR employees think that employees in other departments do not fully appreciate what they do to help the company succeed. By implementing technologies that can facilitate engagement between HR and the rest of company, you can overcome this mistrust.

If employees see that HR is implementing technologies that can help streamline the work process, they will start to respect them as professionals who can help the company to succeed. By implementing communications applications, such as Slack, employees in other departments can chat directly with HR staff directly, and see that they are not monsters out to fire them and ruin their careers.


5. Ability to Make Everyone Feel Part of the Team

A story goes that when Field Marshal William Slim was inspecting his British and Indian troops during the Burma Campaign of World War II, he told his British and Indian soldiers that an army was like a clock, and that if the smallest, most seemingly insignificant gear breaks, the whole thing comes screeching to a halt.

He recognized that every soldier in his army, no matter his caste or racial origin, from the toughest rifleman down to the cook, were integral parts of his army all doing their bit to win the war against the Japanese.

While this technology may not help you to fight and win and war, it can help you to recognize every employee as an integral part of your team. And that is what employee engagement is all about.



You can use the above options to boost employee engagement in your workplace. Positive HR and employee engagement are badly needed in the workplace, and using technology can better improve this engagement.





About the Author: Ryan Bronson is an editor and writer for, and focuses more on developing content strategy at Elizabethanauthors. For Ryan, writing is an important part of life. He makes sure that everything that she writes is informative and interesting. An avid gamer, Ryan enjoys playing video games when he is not working. His favorite games are Fallout, World of WarCraft, and Star Trek Online.


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