Job Market 101: 5 Tips to Land your First Job

College_Graduate-791465-edited-036201-editedGraduating from college can be a very confusing time. Up to this point, the only thing you knew how to do well was study and now here you are, holding a degree but without any work experience in the field that you studied.

No matter your level of experience, entering the job market after graduating can be a little tough and you might find yourself in need of some guidance. Here are some basic tips you should know in order to enter the job market successfully.


1. Know your expectations

While you’re still trying to get your first job, you should start by understanding exactly what your expectations are. Your expectations shouldn’t be too low but, rather, realistic and just know that you probably wont land the job you’ve always dreamed of with your first application.

Aim for something that you will not only be able to successfully complete, but something that will also help you gain some much needed and valuable experience. Always apply for jobs that you have the qualifications for and keep in mind that the more you try, the more you will be able to learn.


2. Apply for an internship

One of the best ways for any new graduate to get experience is by applying for an internship. They are a great opportunity for you to acquire new skills and even get to know new people who can help you on your career journey.

For example, working at a corporation can help you gain valuable experience, simply by working alongside others, navigating work relationships and learning how to hone his or her skills to be as professional as possible.


3. Don’t pass up on opportunities to network

Sometimes, one of the most important facets to landing that dream job is simply knowing the right people. This doesn't always necessarily mean that you must know the hiring manager(s) for a particular job. It can also refer to knowing the right someone(s) to help you search.

By knowing people in many different fields, you can make connections and get to know more people working in the industry that you are interested in. Talk about your aspirations and your goals and don’t be afraid to meet someone new. Every connection can be beneficial when you are searching for a job.


4. Never stop learning

One of the things many people forget is how important it is to keep expanding your horizons throughout your career. Just because you graduated college doesn’t mean that you are perfectly ready to take on every job. If you want to succeed and land  a good position, you will have to keep working on your skills and have the hunger to keep learning something new.

The more you learn in your everyday life, the more you will be able to accomplish. College won’t be able to offer you all of the materials you need in order to become a fully-fledged professional. Some aspects can only be earned via hard work and real-world experience and the best way to achieve this is through learning.


5. Work on a great CV

One of the things that can really make or break your chances of getting a good position is your resume. While you might not think this is the most important thing, you have to keep in mind that it is essentially the first impression a person will have of you before they get to meet and interview you.

If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, you will need to make sure that your resume is as accurate as possible and that you can back up all of your claims. The more truthful you are, the more trust your employers will place in you. Don’t forget to also include an impactful cover letter, as it will help you highlight your relevant skills and qualifications specific to the job requirements.


Becoming ready to join the Job market

Leaving college can be tough and disorienting. You might not feel ready to start working and you might think that there is no reason for a big company to hire someone as inexperienced as you. The thing is, no matter how little experience you may have, you still have the potential to work hard, learn and improve.

There are many ways for you to increase your chances of landing a good job when just starting out after your graduation. These tips are going to help you get a better understanding of what you will need to be the best possible candidate on the market.





About the Author: Angela Baker is a team member at OkDissertations and is currently pursuing her passion for blogging. She aims to inspire readers with her enthusiasm for reading and writing the latest trends in her field.

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