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Top 3 Skills for Success: An Intern’s Perspective

Kid_w_Trophy_cropped_yoh_blogEvery day that passes you have the opportunity to learn something new that can help you in the future. Learn skills that will make you more successful and more intelligent. 

For example, technology is advancing at a fast pace and you need to develop and learn skills that will keep you current. As an intern, I am gaining skills that I can use to my advantage now and in the near future. Here at my job at Yoh, A Day & Zimmermann Company, I am learning many computer skills, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Through my internship, I am also learning how to interact with my co-workers. I believe these skills and other life skills including good communication, networking and entrepreneurship, are necessary to being successful in today's world.


1. Networking

Networking is a very important skill you need, no matter what career path you take. To network, you need to try to be an outgoing person and look for ways to meet new people. By networking and having good networking skills, you get to know people that will help you in business and help you succeed. And then, once you make the connection, you have to build a relationship with lots of communication and both listening to their career advice and offering it to them as well.


2. Communication

Having good communication skills is critical for success. Communicating well with people is very important, it lets you express and convey your ideas with other people. When it comes to communicating you have to be respectful, speak with confidence, and make them feel like you are giving them your full attention. Developing this skill is important because you will use your communication skills in everything you do and in any career you pursue.



Being an entrepreneur means starting your own business with your own idea(s) where you'll hopefully make a profit. Starting your own business or being your own boss can be very rewarding. Right now, the number of entrepreneurs is growing at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurs are selling or creating new inventions that everyone in the world can use. Even if you are not starting your own business, try to think like an entrepreneur since most successful entrepreneurs think of challenges as an opportunity to grow. Instead of giving up every time a new challenge comes to them, they seek a way to gain something from it. They learn how to improve from each obstacle and their mistakes, so they won’t encounter them again in the future.

Of the skills: networking, communication and entrepreneurship, I think communication is the most important. In the time that we live in right now, where technology has a big impact on our lives and where everyone is so isolated with their devices, we are losing our communication skills. Communicating well is so very important no matter what career you choose to pursue. You need to communicate every day, whether you become a doctor, a teacher, city mayor, or even a sports player. Communication is key to building a relationship, which helps you network. And once you master the skill of networking, you are ready to be entrepreneur.




About the Author: Erik Mendieta has been selected for two internships so far at Yoh and aspires to major in mechanical engineering in college. Currently in the 11th Grade, Erik captains his high school's soccer team and is a member of the elite "Starfinder" soccer club. His leadership skills and work ethic are second to none and make him a sound resource for inspiration and motivation in the workplace. 

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