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Case Study: Rapid Healthcare Recruitment Amid a Global Health Crisis

Covid Clinic 1 - Short-02The COVID-19 pandemic tested the limits of healthcare systems worldwide and placed unprecedented demands on the entire healthcare workforce. As the virus swept across the globe, the need for COVID testing and vaccine administration became critical. However, this urgency revealed glaring talent shortages in the healthcare sector, creating challenges that had to be rapidly addressed.

The demand for skilled healthcare professionals was escalating rapidly, intensified by a shortage in the job market. As the pandemic put strain on the healthcare sector and it’s workforce, organizations like Yoh rose to the occasion to bridge the gap, filling vital roles during a time of need..

Want to jump ahead? Read the full case study here, including how Yoh placed 761+ Healthcare professionals in just over 2 years!


The Dilemma

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a prominent healthcare system in Northern California, a long-time Yoh client, needed rapid support. Between 2020 and 2021, the demand for healthcare professionals had surged due to the pandemic, creating a pressing talent shortage. The client aimed to fill 400 positions across 22 sites for extensive COVID testing and vaccination efforts.

Yoh’s partnership with the client quickly adapted to meet the evolving needs of the global health crisis, and Yoh’s support expanded from 5 to 22 total client sites. Yoh's Healthcare team swiftly responded, continuing their history of collaboration with the client.


The Strategy

Faced with the immense challenge of conducting widespread COVID testing and vaccination, the client sought Yoh's support in filling 400 critical positions within a tight time frame. At the time, the healthcare sector grappled with evolving COVID regulations and workforce shortages due to positive cases. In response, Yoh expanded its NorCal Recruitment team from two to eleven Recruiters, alongside a Recruiting Coordinator, to meet the client's specific needs. They also established effective collaboration with facility Administrators, working closely with various stakeholders, including Clinic Managers and Non-Clinical Managers.

Between November 2020 and February 2023, Yoh successfully filled 761 positions, spanning a variety of roles, including Greeters, Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), Phlebotomists, and Managers, contributing to the client's extensive vaccine and testing efforts. Throughout this partnership, Yoh demonstrated proactive problem-solving, streamlined staffing schedules for all 22 sites, and maintained transparent, open communication, fostering a robust relationship with the client from the project's inception through its completion in 2023.


The Impact

With a relationship spanning over 25 years, Yoh's ability to adapt and provide high-quality staffing has been a key factor in their thriving partnership with the client. Their efficiency, effective communication, meticulous organization, and transparent processes have positioned Yoh as the preferred staffing provider.

Placing candidates who not only stayed with the client for extended periods but also seamlessly transitioned into diverse roles and departments showcased Yoh's commitment to delivering top-notch talent. The client's eagerness to rehire and redistribute Yoh's placements underscores Yoh's dedication to consistently delivering high-caliber candidates.

The client continues to rely on Yoh for a wide range of needs that extend beyond the scope of specific projects. This enduring partnership sets the stage for continued success, with both parties committed to nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship and exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare operations and dedicated staffing.


Interested in learning more about Yoh’s success with this client? Read the full case study here!

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