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CASE STUDY: Bringing Validation Services in Quality Quantities

Validation 2Standards and regulations are commonplace in a number of industries. Both internal and external forces contribute to the intense oversight of company production. However, few feel the impact of standards as heavily as the pharmaceutical industry.

With jobs and projects being put under a microscope by regulators like the FDA, one of Yoh’s clients turned to us for Validation and analyzing assistance. Pulling from our extensive rolodex of contacts, our team was ready and able to provide resources for our client amidst their ever-changing needs.


The Dilemma

The FDA sets strict quality standards for pharmaceutical companies in order to ensure the health and safety of every consumer. In order to adhere to those regulations, one company needed a number of trained experts who could test their products and validate their processes. With roles ranging from Validation assignments to laboratory analysis, these positions needed to be filled not just with high-quality talent, but filled quickly as the company has an immediate need.


The Strategy

Yoh went straight to work assembling a group of individuals who could immediately affect change. Beyond providing talent, we redefined the entire business model by onboarding different types of individuals than the company was used to employing—more experienced, more skilled. Because this project requires continuous evaluation, Yoh also introduced a new recruitment strategy that would allow quicker and more efficient hiring while also complying with the company’s changing needs. All at a significantly reduced cost.


The Impact

Beginning with less than a handful of individuals, the Validation team grew to more than 85 positions all overseen by the Yoh team. Our recruitment model provides a continuum of support so that new experts are ready to jump in whenever the client needs them. Not only was Yoh able to provide the immediate services that this pharmacy company needed, we gave them a faster, cheaper and more sustainable model to keep up with this fluid and highly regulated industry.


Looking to validate the facts? Read the full case study here.


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