7 Leadership Qualities Every Project Manager Should Have

aug23a.jpgJust as a father is to a family, a project manager is to a team. For a project to run smoothly and successfully, it is very important for a project manager to be an active part of the project. During the project span, there may come immeasurable complications, such as a crunch in internal resources or stiff timelines that can hamper the bottom line. The duty of the project manager is to eliminate these complications and make sure the project is completed within the time frame making the best possible use of available resources.

Some organizations may feel they can do without a project manager, which is not the case. In fact, a project manager plays almost 20% of the role in the entire project budget. DPM adds that project management is important because it ensures what is being delivered, is right, and will deliver real value against the business opportunity.


When a project lands in an organization, the first and foremost step to be taken is to understand the specifications and figure out what the client wants. Is it important? It is a matter of fact the most important phase of the project. The project cannot be executed properly without complete understanding. It is the duty of the project manager to be aware of each and every part so that he can further delegate to the team and be able to answer any queries that come his way.


For one person to do all this, he should possess some qualities. In simple words, he should be an enthusiastic leader, a problem solver and a really good communicator. In short, he should be fit to be the boss of the project. Below are some qualities a project manager should possess, without which the project will turn out just like a burnt dish.


Good temperament 

To start off, the project manager should be a fan of meditation. He should learn to stay calm when everyone is panicking and know exactly what to do when things are not going as planned. A good temperament is vital for a project manager as during the span of the project, he is prone to face endless hindrances. Each resource in the team comes with a different set of personalities and handling them is not an easy job. A project cannot be completed with a John Cena on the team!


Exceptional communication 

From the time the project starts, the manager is required to pre-plan the entire project before it actually begins and allots respective team members with their tasks with deadlines and complete instructions. He is required to follow-up with milestones and send status updates to the stakeholders. During this process, ad hoc requirements may also come that can impact the existing processes. This requires to and fro communication between the manager, the team, and the client. To make this happen smoothly, it is very important for the project manager (the main point of contact) to possess extraordinary communication skills. Miscommunication at any point can lead to serious problems, sometimes huge losses.



When it comes to managing a project, many things require attention. These include pre-planning of the project, breaking down tasks into milestones, allocating them within the team, ensuring deadlines are met and delivering to the client. All these phases require equal and undivided attention all at the same time. A successful project manager is one who can multitask without compromising the quality of work delivered. Why this quality is important is because the project manager is the one person who knows the project in and out. He is the one who needs to have everything at his fingertips. A smart manager is one who gets everything done without breaking a sweat.


Problem solver

Becoming a project manager means wearing multiple hats that may appear chaotic and full of challenges. No matter how meticulous a project manager is, he has a bunch of problems waiting every step of the way. The right manager will always have a plan B and C in case A doesn’t work out. In most cases, plan A never works out. When the entire team is in panic mode, it is the project manager’s duty to get things back on track and keep the engine running.


Sincere & Honest 

Where all the above are important qualities a project manager should possess, two of the most important qualities are sincerity and honesty to the team and the organization. A project manager will be able to execute the project smoothly only when he is sincere to the organization and to his team members. With that, he should be able to treat his team members with respect and empathize whenever there’s an outage.


Enthusiastic leader

A project will go nowhere if its leader is not enthusiastic about it. Each project is a completely new story for the team and the management. It is the project manager’s responsibility to create the interest in the team and keep them motivated throughout. Some people are born with the quality to lead, but, some need to acquire it over time. Only an enthusiastic person can achieve his goals and help others achieve theirs’ too.



Last, but not the least, a project manager should be a creative soul. Being creative does not mean creating masterpieces on a canvas, but be the artist who systematically goes between the lines to create curves and reach the desired output. It is surprising how a creative person can achieve his goals in ways completely outside of the box.



The Bottom Line


A building is made with each building block carefully placed. A strong foundation makes the building strong and keeps it standing for a long period of time even when trouble arises. Choosing the right project manager is one of the most important decisions an organization has to make and can determine the success of the project even before it begins. 



 Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various knowledge based tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.


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