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Beyond Recruitment: 3 Key Benefits of a Specialized Talent Partnership


In the search for your next hire, you have many options available. Whether you want to overhaul your talent acquisition strategy or find that key person, you might wonder, "Why use a staffing partner?” In this blog, we will explore the big-picture solutions a staffing partner can provide for you and why outsourcing specific tasks to a staffing partner could be the right decision for you.

Why Outsource Certain Tasks to a Recruiting Partner?

Companies turn to staffing partners for a multitude of reasons. They rely on these providers to source and hire candidates for job openings within their organizations and help job seekers find opportunities in their chosen fields. These positions may vary from full-time or part-time to temporary, co-op, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire full-time roles. The staffing provider officially employs these candidates but works under the employer's direction.

Staffing partners play a vital role by handling time-consuming tasks such as recruiting talent, resume screening, interview scheduling, and placing workers on-site to work on behalf of the employer to streamline the hiring process. These services are especially vital for companies that don’t have talent acquisition teams or are looking to scale quickly.

1. Efficiency

Each staffing provider has its own unique set of processes that could be what your company is looking for. An off-the-shelf model that can be modified to fit the client's needs is a great place to start if you lack those internal structures. Coupling that with the internal data from years of prospecting and hiring specialized candidates gives your company an accessible talent acquisition solution.

Most staffing partners maintain large internal databases of thousands of candidates who have been prescreened and put to work already, with years of notes detailing their specific work experience beyond what their LinkedIn page would tell you. Half the recruiting is done; the staffing partner must confirm the job is the correct fit. People work with whom they trust, and staffing providers build that slowly with each successful hire.

2. reduced costs

Cost efficiency is a significant advantage. When you directly employ people, you bear expenses like taxes, insurance, and benefits. However, partnering with a staffing provider can significantly reduce these costs. Job postings alone could be thousands of dollars, and most resumes submitted are often totally unrelated to the position. Most staffing partners are incentivized to find the correct talent because they usually can only bill a client once the individual starts working for you. This only allows you to review the best of what the provider can find for your needs.

3. business growth

Utilizing a talent partner for hiring offers several other advantages. It allows employers to concentrate on business growth, take on short-term projects without expanding their permanent workforce, and scale down staffing and overhead when tasks are completed. This flexibility lets employers move through projects and complete milestones more quickly.


Considerations for Choosing Your Talent Partner 

While there are many approaches to staffing, you should consider what your company needs out of a staffing partner. Staffing partners come in all shapes and sizes. Yoh, for example, combines the extensive resources of a large company with the personalized touch of a boutique agency. With almost a century of experience, we've honed our reputation and internal processes.

Consider a talent partner who will collaborate closely with you to create tailored talent acquisition solutions that address your specific challenges. Each situation is unique; a flexible approach is necessary to scale resources up or down as projects evolve, allowing you to focus on critical aspects of your business.

The use of technology in talent acquisition is a significant consideration. A forward-thinking partner should leverage innovative tools and platforms to streamline processes and enhance the hiring experience. A well-rounded talent partner should also focus on recruitment and support employee development. This includes strategies for onboarding, training, and retention.


Yoh offers a customizable program that sets us apart. With small, dedicated teams, we are committed to building a deep understanding of your unique needs and business. This allows us to provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your staffing requirements.

Our dedicated team of recruiters is highly motivated to uncover and secure the best talent for your organization. They are experts in staffing who have spent years in the field before coming to Yoh. You can trust us to commit to delivering the best candidates for your positions. It’s a group effort, and our greatest asset is the recruiting team.

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