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Best States to Seek Entry-Level Remote Employment


As a nation, we have seen a huge change in the way we work as a result of COVID-19. Many companies have enforced remote work for the entirety of their workforce to ensure healthy practices by socially distancing. Believe it or not, this may just be the right time to embark on a career change. If you are looking for a career change during these uncertain times, then here are some tips you can take on board to help you with that all-important next step, as well as the US states offering the most and least remote jobs.


Research and Plan Your New Career Journey

When considering a career change, it’s wise to carry out extensive research into the kind of job that warrants your interest. Have a look at the qualification requirements for such entry-level jobs, the working hours, the day to day duties as well as the salary. Also, take a look at typical industry operations. Procuring an extensive understanding of how the profession functions on a grander scale will enable you to make a better judgment of whether making the career change is the right thing for you. Furthermore, it is recommended to gain some work experience in the desired field of work to help you have better insight into the job and what is expected of you.


Check the Qualifications You Need

Some job types require university degrees, whereas others will happily consider a diploma or simply a high school qualification. However, there are careers that can be built on mostly work experience. All in all, growing your interpersonal and transferable skills such as communication, organization and teamwork will definitely help you settle into an entry-level job. Additionally, you should check to see whether career progression is available with the kind of qualifications you have and whether your new job allows you to progress on the career ladder with additional training and support.


Location - Should You Work From Home?

Another major thing to consider when embarking on a new career is location. The job you’re looking for may be heavily sought after in some cities and countries, whereas in others, they may not be as popular. So when seeking a new career, you may want to look into roles that are closer to home, remote, flexible, part-time or full time - whichever suits your preference and lifestyle.

In fact, Moneypenny, the outsourced communication provider, has analyzed over 71,000 entry-level remote jobs to find which states are the best for you to make that all-important career change.

The new research shows that there is a correlation between the rise of COVID-19 cases and the number of entry-level remote jobs being offered. States such as Florida, New York and California have the highest amount of entry-level remote jobs listed as well as some of the highest numbers of cases, making them the states of choice for new job seekers. The data also indicates how important it is to lower risk by working remotely or from home.


Top 5 Ranking States

Number of Entry-Level Remote Positions

  • Florida -> 8,503
  • New York -> 5,213
  • California -> 3,897
  • Texas -> 2,645
  • Pennsylvania -> 1,067

However, states such as Wyoming, North and South Dakota rank for the lowest number of remote entry-level jobs advertised. These states also have the lowest number of reported Coronavirus cases hence making these states the least ideal place for a career change.


Bottom 5 Ranking States

Number of Entry-Level Remote Positions

  • Wyoming -> 61
  • North Dakota -> 63
  • South Dakota -> 66
  • Alaska -> 65
  • Hawaii -> 67

Do you have what it takes for a career change? With the current COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing, there has definitely been a higher demand and need for remote work. Remote working isn’t just for those in the current workforce, but ideal for those getting started in a new career and seeking new career opportunities. With a rise in entry-level positions, remote work seems to be here to stay, particularly across the US.


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Author Bio- Danielle Neah is an entrepreneur and mentor who has most recently decided to become a freelancer in digital marketing. She is also passionate about education and career progression to ensure individuals achieve the best that they can in the working world.

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