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Back to Work Podcast: Can Talent Resilience be the Key to Retaining Talent?

GettyImages-927720230Employees across all sectors from Fintech to hospitality are quitting their jobs in droves. The talent and hiring industry is faced with the great challenge of recruiting and retaining talent. In this episode of Yoh's Back to Work podcast series, our Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Matt Rivera and our host, Joe McIntyre, discuss talent resilience and how companies can apply these tactics to keep their employees satisfied and performing to the best of their abilities.


Talent resilience in hiring is the ability to recruit talent when you need to. According to Matt, talent resilience focuses on "building the resources, partnerships, and processes... to ensure you can get the talent you need in your organization when you need it." Stability is the end goal everyone in recruiting wants to achieve, and COVID-19 has wholly rocked the foundation of talent acquisition to the core. However, it has given hiring managers the opportunity to honestly evaluate the type of talent they need to recruit, where to find it, and how to retain it. As more companies are experiencing a mass exodus of workers, they are faced with the challenge of achieving talent resilience to continue operating at the highest standards they can.

the great exodus across industries

The war for talent has been exacerbated by a mass exodus of people leaving their jobs across all industries. Matt notes that since COVID-19 has shifted the way we work, employers are now posed with the question "how do we recreate and evolve the workplace... to help people become resilient themselves?" For example, companies need more technology and top IT talent to operate the new practices. In that instance, many techies are leaving their jobs to fill these new roles popping up across various industries. With these new opportunities for candidates opening up to rescale their skills in workplaces that fit their needs, hiring managers are left to fill these open roles.



promoting resiliency in your workforce

Matt discusses that what employees and candidates need the most now is open communication. It's best for employees to feel supported by their employer, especially with big decisions such as moving to a hybrid schedule or coming into the office in any capacity. Knowing that their needs are supported, your employees can be flexible with the employer's decisions and be resilient to stay onboard during change. 

For hiring managers, being flexible allows them to consider even more candidates. Acknowledging that a candidate doesn't fit every required skill of the role, but is eager to learn and train for that role, shows strong talent resilience. Candidates coming in from different industries have soft skills and other skill sets that are transferable to the position they might be trying to fill.

Resilient people are imperative for recruiting and retaining talent. Staying ahead of your talent needs to prepare to hire and recognize potential is key to talent resilience. Listen to the full podcast episode to learn more about putting talent resilience into practice to employ top talent within your organization.

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