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Recruiting and Hiring the Right Tech Talent in an Evolving Market


From HR and marketing to customer service and point-of-sale solutions, investment in IT talent and capabilities became a driving force and a must-have for growing businesses. The evolution of tech has shed light on the value of robust and resilient IT teams across all industries. As the scope of IT solutions grows, the challenge of recruiting and building the right teams grows with it.

The IT field remains hyper-competitive, and there are still more open workstations than there are IT pros to fill them. The stakes are higher than ever – hiring managers are searching for driven candidates who will grow with the company long-term.

The it industry outlook

As technology infuses into more and more aspects of business and life, the boundaries of the IT Industry grow larger and larger every day. Everyone needs to have at least a working grasp of some technology to exist in the modern world – but more people than ever are choosing to make IT the focus of their careers. Tech jobs are available across all industries, most popularly within Telecom, Healthcare, Life Science, and Financial Services. 

The growth of remote work has challenged IT systems to seek out the latest innovations in tech to securely provide remote access to an organization's network. IT professionals are responsible for ensuring all communication channels such as email, video conferencing hardware, and internal chat rooms remain prepared to provide optimal performance round the clock.

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The Information Technology industry is leading the pack in the effort to foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Tech recruiting faced many hardships over the past year in the race to find top, highly skilled talent. However, remote work attracts candidates from different backgrounds to the industry. Eliminating regional barriers makes jobs more accessible to those who may not have had the same opportunities as those living near big cities.

Current IT employees play a huge role in carrying out diversity and inclusion initiatives. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), are networks within companies that create spaces for employees to convene based on shared characteristics, experiences, or goals. Many ERGs host impactful employee-led fundraisers, webinars and learning opportunities, and open discussions to keep their finger on the pulse surrounding tough topics. Many large tech companies also have diversity boards, panels, podcasts, and leadership-driven initiatives that impact the company on a large scale. As more ideas surface from employees, IT companies will continue to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace. A more diverse and inclusive workforce will drive more tech innovation and better products, which in turn impacts company sales and growth.

THE most in-demand tech jobs

At Yoh, we know that as the evolution of technology is driven by the best talent. We understand the nuances of finding the right expert employees to support every aspect of an IT team’s operations. We blend staffing experience with a deep expertise in the IT field to recruit and place leading professionals that can have an immediate impact and position an organization for growth.

Here are some of the most in-demand tech jobs, based on our experience:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • And more!

recruiting and retaining the right talent

The IT space continues to be hyper-competitive, yet there are still more jobs within the industry waiting to be filled. Hiring managers are on the search for top talent that can meet the needs of the company and fill positions quickly. This begins with an all-encompassing job description that properly aligns with the expectations of the role an a competitive salary. While an applicant might not fit every skillset for the role right away, look for individuals with a proven ability to adapt and learn in order to grow into their role within the organization. 

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