A Full Guide on How to Hire and Manage Dedicated Developers


Conceptual image of businessteam working cohesively. Interaction and unity-2Nowadays, hiring qualified and experienced developers can be a struggle since they are in such high demand. There are a lot of companies that prefer hiring dedicated developers that will work remotely. This strategy offers to save time and money.

So, let’s discuss the benefits of cooperating with a dedicated team of software builders, how to interview them, and so on.


Advantages of Working with Dedicated Developers

The team of dedicated engineers has several essential benefits. Below we’ll discuss them more precisely.

Lower price. Of course, the final price depends on the region, but outsourcing development usually costs less in comparison to building an in-house team. As a result, many companies cooperate with remote engineers permanently.

Qualified specialists. Sometimes it’s quite time-consuming and expensive to hire the developer with the right skill set. However, offshore development provides you with an opportunity to choose from various specialists.

Adaptable taxation. Dedicated developers are usually from other countries. As a result, the taxation process is different. You can reduce expenses on taxes that are obligatory for in-house developers.

Time-efficient. You can save a significant amount of time since you don’t need to worry about any organizational moments, e.g., preparing a workplace for the developer.

Quality. There are a lot of qualified and talented developers from all over the world. They have enough skills to conquer different tasks, but their hourly rates can be lower. If you require several new employees, it’s better to pay more attention to their experience, not to the location.

Higher output. Software developers tend to work more effectively in their homeland. That’s why it's wrong to think that the remote team works less productively.


Necessary Qualities of Dedicated Developers

In addition to technical knowledge, your dedicated developer needs to have some soft skills that help work remotely. Of course, it’s impossible to control the employee fully, but the software builder with the following characteristics may work better.

Self-reliance. Developers face a lot of challenges during the development process. Good software builders can conquer complicated tasks and find the best solutions.

Self-motivation. Working on the project, developers may feel a lack of motivation. So, it’s better to hire a specialist that can develop a project effectively and follow the deadlines.

Be demanding. The software engineers need to consider all the project requirements and provide a good quality of the final product. So, the developers need to be demanding to build a unique project.

Be pushing. Every day developers face many problems, so your specialist needs to be pushing to find an issue, solve it, and tell colleagues about the changes.

Of course, this list isn’t full and can be easily extended. The mentioned characteristics help create excellent interaction between developers and managers. As a result, cooperation will be more effective.


Hiring options

There are several variants where to hire dedicated developers. We’re going to discuss the most popular options — offshore development companies and freelance developers.


Offshore Software Development Companies

For instance, you don’t know which country outsource software development. There are platforms (e.g., GoodFirms, Clutch) that can assist you while choosing.


Additionally, there are several vital steps for you to follow during the hiring process.

Step 1. Look through the company’s ranking. If the company is interested in cooperation, it pays a lot of attention to SEO optimization, etc. As a result, a company should appear on pages 1 or 2.

Step 2. The company’s website is intuitive and user-friendly. It means that you surf a website easily. Additionally, the company with a great UI/UX pays attention to the first impression of the customers.

Step 3. Check the firm’s experience. The outsourcing software development companies tend to share their previously done projects. You can look through the portfolio and find out more about the jobs.

Step 4. The number of workers. A good company needs to have at least 30 employees to conquer various types of tasks. Additionally, working in a large team, it’s easier to replace a developer in case if they are sick or have a vacation.


Freelance Developers

You can look for freelance developers, i.e., software engineers that work for themselves. There are dozens of services (e.g., Toptal, Upwork, Codementor) where you can find their profiles. These platforms offer to sort the builders by rating, location, hourly rates, and so on. As a result, you can find developers with the required skills and contact them.

However, cooperation with freelance developers has one giant drawback. Such kind of engineers tend to fail deadlines, so there are some additional risks.


How to Interview a Dedicated Developer

It’s better to start a cooperation with a dedicated developer with the help of the email. As a result, you can discuss the time of the interview, ways of communication, and so on.

There are two main contact options for you to choose — a phone call or a video interview.

Phone call. This way allows you to speak to the candidate about the job expectations, ideas, ask some questions about the CV. Additionally, the candidate has an opportunity to ask for more project details. Of course, you don’t need to discuss every single detail. During the first call, it’s necessary to give some general information about the product and get the first impression of a software builder.

Video interview. During this interview, you need to check the hard and soft skills of the candidate. Additionally, you can even perform a hard skill-testing if you have some technical background. As a result, you can understand the strong and weak sides of the developer and make the right decision.


How to Manage Dedicated Developers

Software development consists of a lot of challenges, so it’s impossible to track time spent on tasks. For instance, fixing a bug in one part of the project can lead to another bug. As a result, developers can be fixing bugs for one day or several weeks.

So, it’s essential to set clear goals and deadlines. However, to be updated and follow the development process, it’s necessary to use such tools as Trello, Jira, or Kantree. They allow tracking the progress of software building.


Regions to Hire Dedicated Developers

One more challenge of hiring a dedicated developer is choosing the right country. There are several factors that you need to consider beforehand.

Time zone. It’s evident that there are countries in a completely different time zone, so it’ll be quite complicated to set a schedule for meetings, calls, and so on.

Language barrier. Sometimes it’s challenging to communicate with a developer due to the language barrier. It’s better to choose a specialist with fluent and understandable English.

Hourly rates. The developers’ hourly rates depend on the region. For instance, according to Accelerance, software builders from the USA tend to have higher rates ($105 - $163 per hour). However, the developers from Eastern Europe get from $25 to $70.

As you can see, some factors can affect your final choice.



Cooperation with dedicated developers can be quite profitable for your business. Of course, you need to consider hiring options beforehand and prepare for the interview. In this case, you will find a qualified and experienced software builder that can develop a unique project.


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About the author:  Sergey Lypchenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company located in Eastern Europe. Our main goal is to develop first-rate and competitive software for our customers. My mission is to provide people with interesting material about innovations in the world of IT.

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