Software Product Engineering

The Software Product and Software as a Service markets have been growing at record rates and they are all vying for the same resources.

Finding truly qualified Software Engineering Talent to support your product roadmap is one of the biggest challenges facing these young, creative companies. In many cases, they have to settle for Application Development resources that don’t have the right Product Engineering background. As a leader in the Software Product Engineering space for over 15 years Yoh provides highly qualified teams to both start-ups and well-established Product companies to bolster their ability to deliver product functionality to the market. Our teams of classically trained engineers hold advanced degrees in across many engineering disciplines and have worked on substantial Software Product Engineering projects as well as embedded systems designs and development.

Our Software Product Engineering Services include:

Dedicated Teams of Product Engineers – we provide teams of dedicated engineers that focus solely on product development, employing industry standard best practices around design and development

Rapid On-boarding Process – we can rapidly bring together the appropriate team to meet your specific needs in a manageable process that insures proper training and easy slotting into work streams

Technology Advisory and Product Design Support – we bring our 15 years of experience in successfully developing software products to your company to insure that your product design and roadmap are aligned in the most efficient manner

Core Product Platform Development – we provide a team that has the appropriate expertise in working on core components that focus on design, performance, scalability and fail over

API & Integration Development – we provide a team that has the appropriate expertise in working on highly scalable integration components to insure that your product is easily extensible in the market

System Performance Enhancements – we provide a team of product test engineers and best practices that focus on tuning the products performance to peak efficiency


Yoh’s experienced and certified professionals are ready to tackle your next project. Let us show you how projects get done. Service offerings include:

  • Software Product Engineering
  • Custom Application Development
  • Salesforce® Development
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Test Engineering

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