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5 Great Ways of Using Social Media for Recruitment

Double exposure of businessman hand points human resources, CRM and social media as conceptFor several years, social media has been a hub for people who want to have fun, connect and make new friends. However, all of that is starting to change. Today, more companies are using social media to recruit talented people who can add value to their company.

Studies have shown that up to 94% of professional recruiters create a social media network and then post job opportunities to an extensive community. This way, they get to see the applicants' talents and passion firsthand without seeing their resumes first. On the other hand, the applicants could also note the company's social media culture and probably love it. This goes to show that social media is a fantastic avenue for recruiters.

Whether you're searching for essay writing services or looking to hire a digital marketer, using social media for recruitment is always a great idea.

If you've never recruited or hired someone off social media before, it may be a little confusing. Here are some of the best ways to use social media recruiting tools to your advantage.


1. Promote your brand culture

When it comes to social media or Twitter recruiting, many companies tend to think that it's all about posting about job openings. Although posting open roles is the main crux of the matter, you shouldn't let other important details lie at the bottom of the pan.

Try to share content that highlights the beauty of your company's work culture and ethics. For instance, you could make a short LinkedIn post about how birthdays are celebrated in your company.

A lot of people are attracted to companies with unique, friendly cultures. As such, it'd be each to attract and recruit your target audience.


2. Join the right conversations

Social media is a very noisy hub. If you aren't strategic enough, your target audience would never hear you above the noise. One trick to getting past this hurdle is by joining the right conversations on LinkedIn and Twitter.

By using the right hashtags and joining the right groups, you can get your job openings right in front of the people you're hoping to recruit.

For instance, by using the hashtag #writingjobs, you can reach your target applicants via Twitter or LinkedIn.


3. Focus on niche networks


Although focusing on generalized networks can be beneficial, one flaw can't be overlooked. When you focus on general networks, you'd have to sift through irrelevant content.  For instance, if you're looking to hire an essay writer, joining writing communities may not exactly be the best option.

Here's why: you would most likely find fiction writers, poets, sci-fi writers and of course, essay writers. You'd then have to sieve through the sea of writing applicants to find what you're looking for.

On the other hand, you'd have less sifting to do when you focus on essay writing networks.


4. Touch up your LinkedIn profile

This tip is such a no-brainer; it should have been at the top of the list. When it comes to hiring, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms used by recruiters. Candidates also tend to check out the LinkedIn profile of any company before sending in their applications.

The first step to making your LinkedIn profile attractive is updating the first 200 characters of the page. This way, candidates will immediately understand that the company is recruiting even before they click on your profile.

You would also need to join and participate in LinkedIn groups. These groups typically have a large number of experts that specialize in different fields.

This way, you can easily reach your target audience.


5. Throw Instagram into the mix

Who says recruitment has to be strict and involve only "stiff upper lip" business? A lot of companies tend to think that recruitment and Instagram are just like oil and water. However, nothing can be farther from the truth.

This social media platform can help you achieve things that other platforms can't. Not sure what Instagram can do?

For starters, this social media platform can help you showcase the fun, quirky side of your company. Show off pictures of employees having fun at work, showcase corporate parties. This way, candidates can fall in love with your company even before they get the chance to experience it for themselves.

With Instagram having over 600 million users, it would be a crying shame not to utilize this handy app.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to hiring candidates for a particular role, social media can be a convenient tool. The benefits of using social media for recruiting is grossly underrated. You get to reach even the most passive candidates and see their passion and talents firsthand, for starters.

You can also see the details of their resumes without having to get their resume. From their education history to their work experience and all the places they've worked at previously.

Another benefit of using social media for recruiting is that you filter out unqualified candidates. Some people behave in an unruly manner on social media. By going through a candidate's social media profile, you get to determine if their attitude suits your company's work ethics or not.

Want to learn more about recruitment strategies? Check out the blog post on how to use talent development as a recruitment strategy.

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