Holiday Hiring Myth: How to Stay Motivated During the Holiday Season

Conceptual image with ladder reaching increasing graph"How is it already Thanksgiving?!?", you say to yourself every year. 

Though we can all agree that the Holiday season creeps up on us seemingly faster and faster every year, what we can disagree with is how it is often perceived as slow sales and recruiting months for talent acquisition teams. 

Most have this perception because there is an assumption that people are not actively looking for new jobs or opportunities during the busy holiday season. But the perceived slowdown in hiring during the holidays is a myth, and in fact,  many recruiters and sales teams say they feel increased pressure to fill open slots during this time period to meet their numbers before the end of the year. Candidates who wait or think that those jobs might be available after the first of the year might miss a golden opportunity.

One of the biggest challenges talent acquisition teams do face this time of the year is getting all the hiring managers and decision-makers in the same room and/or page. The volume of hiring might remain the same, but the pace does seem to slow down. However, if there are fewer job seekers and fewer resumes being sent, this can be an advantage and an opportunity for someone who truly meets the requirements of the job to stand out against less competition.

Because of this perceived slowdown, do you find yourself becoming less motivated during the Holiday season? Here are some tips to keep you motivated.


Tips For staying motivated during the Holiday season


Schedule Interviews 

Candidates generally have time off work over the Holiday season and would have more availability to attend interviews. So if the managers are available, use this time to get interviews scheduled before the new year rush in January. 


Take Advantage of Free Time

Since the Holiday season in many industries represents a period of decreased activity in the workplace,  it is also a great advantage to take some of that downtime to devote to your recruiting strategy. Start building your pipeline for the year and get organized to start 2020 off being ahead of the game, Or use this free time to do research and training that you have been putting off all year. 


Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

Go to every holiday party or networking event.  When the holidays are in season, you can bet there will be holiday parties. But while others are busy socializing, you can be busy building relationships with people you meet at these events. Keep your eyes open because you never know when you’ll pick up a new client.


Get Organized

Clean up your workspace. While some might argue that organizing/cleaning is a conspicuously disguised attempt at procrastination, almost everyone will agree that an orderly workspace increases your productivity.



Show your candidates, clients or coworkers your appreciation by having a holiday celebration of some kind. Little gestures, such as bringing in bagels or cookies, can go a long way and are often remembered year-round. 


So if you think the holidays are a good time to slack off, keep these ideas in mind to remain motivated and productive during the  season. You'll start your 2020 off on a good note and remember, the early bird catches the worm.


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