A Recruiter’s Holiday Wish List for Candidates

6661562.jpgThe busiest time of the holiday season is upon us with the frenetic pace of shopping online and in stores, eating and drinking more than usual, and attending work and personal parties. But while we might be in a busy rush with all-things holiday-related, we often see a more sluggish pace with candidate and hiring related activity this time of year.

However, in speaking with Yoh recruiters with decades of experience, this is a great time for candidates to capitalize on the holiday downturn and use it to their benefit. If a recruiter could create a wish list for their candidate to do with their holiday downtime, these four things would be at the top. 


A Recruiter's Holiday WISH LIST for their Candidates


Fine tune your online presence

While all of the other candidates (read: your competition) are focusing on non-job related activities, you could be better positioning yourself for that dream job! This is a great time to prepare for the new year and your job search. Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Review your other social media profiles and see if the photos and comments are appropriate for a new employer to see before deciding to hire you.


Add some polish 

Get a new interview suit. You might be surprised with not only the confidence boost it could provide but also the impact it has on those who interview you. Studies have shown that people in well-tailored clothes are considered more successful and confident, even when they’re only shown in photographs. To project (and feel) powerful, select clothes that fit you well and make you feel good.


Leverage your network

Take time to touch base with your references – if you haven’t been on the market for a while, you may have lost touch – remind them of what a great catch you are! It also doesn’t hurt to broadcast to your network that you’re on the job hunt. The more eyes and ears out there for you, the better.


Partner your downtime with some job-focused efforts

While you are sitting by the fire sipping some hot cocoa, do some research! This is a great time to research target companies for your next career step, or research salaries so your expectations are more realistic. Take a look at job postings in your field and see what technologies and skills are being requested that maybe you haven’t used in a while – time to brush up on those skills and make yourself more marketable!

As a recruiter will attest, there are going to be definite “cons” to this time of year that impact a candidate. Things like: many people being out of the office more than usual which impacts hiring feedback and decision-making, end of year budget reviews, and the fact that new and on-going job requisitions sometimes sit in the approval phase with no active feedback for longer than usual. It’s good to know these facts going in so that you can temper your expectations accordingly. But things moving slower is temporary, and it means there is still movement happening albeit just not at the speed we’d prefer.


Just remember, be patient, things will start moving again in the new year and with these tips, some serious commitment and a bit of elbow grease you can position yourself to be at the top of your recruiters hiring wish list in 2018.  


This blog was written by Connie Caldwell. Connie is a Marketing Manger supporting one of the world’s largest companies in the recruiting industry. She lives in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of downtown Philadelphia and is in love with traveling, summer concerts, the Philadelphia Phanatic, dark chocolate, and spending time with her handsome husband and active toddlers.

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